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Shilpi Misra

Project Title: Reducing the freshwater use in pork production – the case study of Ireland

Overview: Freshwater plays a crucial role in the pork production chain. It is used for feed production, for drinking and cleaning purposes, both on the farm and in the slaughterhouse. However, freshwater resources are limited and unsustainable use can cause water scarcity. My PhD uses a life cycle approach in combination with extensive on-farm data collection to quantify and characterize freshwater use of Irish pig production systems and identify strategies to reduce it. During my Masters I was interested in life cycle assessment studies (LCA) and thus I found this project fascinating because it focuses on primary data collection with a LCA approach. Apart from this, water scarcity issues are of prime importance and livestock sector is a very big consumer of water, so, such studies are much needed.

I am from New Delhi, India. I enjoy listening to music and signing. Recently, I learnt to do Crochet so during my free time I make things for my friends and family. In future I would like to work in the Environment sector, mainly in India.

Programme Area: Pig production, Sustainable livestock systems, Sustainable water use, Life cycle assessment  

Supervisors: Dr. Keelin O’Driscoll, Prof. Dr. Ir. Imke de Boer and Dr. Corina van Middelaar

Location: Teagasc, Moorepark, Fermoy, Cork

Funding Source: Teagasc