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Tomás Byrne

Project Title: Developing a novel genotyping platform ‘GenoSpruce’ for application in Sitka spruce populations

Overview: This project focuses on creating a low cost high throughput genotyping platform for Sitka spruce that will be used to assess the genetic diversity and seed orchard efficiency of Irish populations. This project will implement genomic and bioinformatics tools in order to improve this tree species for an Irish market. Previously I have worked with UCD and Teagasc during my masters to characterise the response of winter barley to flooding.  During my time in Teagasc I hope to gain expertise with computational genomics and make connections with fellow plant scientists.

Programme Area: CELUP

Supervisors: Dr. Susanne Barth, Dr. Stephen Byrne, Prof. Trevor Hodginkson and Dr. Colin Kelleher

Location: Biotech Building, Oak Park, Carlow

Funding Source: DAFM