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Amy Connolly

Walsh Fellowships

Project Title: Using Nutrient Management Plans (NMP) to deliver soil fertility advise under GRASS10.


The purpose of the European Union (Good Agricultural Practice for Protection of Waters) Regulations S.I. No. 605 of 2017 is to give effect to the 4th Nitrates Action Programme. A nutrient management plan (NMP) describes the level of nutrients in the soil and the rates of organic and chemical nutrients which are to be applied to soil.  NMP’s were developed to help farmers comply with regulatory constraints. The overall aim of this project is to improve the impact of Nutrient Management Planning in terms of outputs and profits at farm level and environmental outcomes. The objectives of this study are: to determine farmers and advisors attitudes to the NMP process, to identify the impediments to the use of NMPs to improve farm nutrient management, to identify system improvements which can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of NMP online, to improve the functionality of the NMP system and to develop outputs from the system which farmers can easily understand and implement which will help them meet Grass10 targets. Focus groups will be carried out with the heavy users of the NMP online system and farmers. Questionnaires will be carried out with advisors.

Location: Moorepark Advisory Office

Teagasc Supervisor: Pat Murphy

UCD Supervisor: Dr. Anne Markey

Download presentation: Amy Connolly June 18 (PDF)