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Emma Swan

Walsh Fellowships

Project Title: Development of a blue print for the disseminating best management practices for rush control to improve the productivity of grassland and minimise herbicide loss to water

This project will provide insight into drystock farmers attitudes and awareness in relation to pesticide use and pollution of drinking water. The detection of herbicides in drinking water particularly MCPA is a re-occurring issue as a result of application to rushes on wet, marshy land. As a consequence of this, the herbicide MCPA is at risk of being withdrawn from authorisation.A knowledge transfer blueprint will be developed incorporating best management practices for rush control. This blueprint will be distributed to farmers in catchment areas known to have breached the drinking water standards.

Location:  Ballina

Teagasc Supervisor: Mr. Eoin Geoghegan

UCD Supervisor: Dr. Helen Sheridan

Download presentation: Emma Swan June 18 (PDF)