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Grainne McGrath

Project Title: Determination of  what is needed to enhance access and participation for learners with diverse ability levels in agricultural education programmes.

Project Description: 
The purpose of this research project is to explore the diversity within students participating in agricultural education programmes and to find out what is needed for these students to ensure access and participation in all elements of their chosen course. This thesis will include full time agricultural students with disabilities with a particular focus on students that have a Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD). It is necessary to explore this area to uncover weather there are enough learner supports in place for students with SLD as they attend their chosen agricultural college. It is imperative that these students are not isolated or secluded. As a result of the growing diversity within the student body is important to equip both students and educators on how to deal with the diversity to ensure inclusion. This project will raise awareness as well as ensure that students that have disabilities, specifically students with Learning Disabilities, have complete and equitable access to all facets of college life.

Teagasc Supervisor: Dr. Donna Deegan

UCD Supervisor: Dr. Karen Keaveney

Location: Teagasc, Kildalton Agricultural College, Kildalton, Piltown.