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Funded Projects

Algal Bioproducts 

Full Project Title: Bioproducts (Protein and Polysaccharide) Isolation from Native Irish & New Zealand Macroalgal Species

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Diane Purcell-Meyerink 


Full Project Title: The Determination of Fat Soluble and Water Soluble Vitamins in Milk and Milk Products

RL2025 Fellow: Dr George Hull


Full Project Title: Evaluation of Food Structure Functionality and Digestibility: Study of Mixed Protein Polysaccharide in Microcapsules

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Talita Aline Comunian


Full Project Title: Transcriptomic Analysis of Listeria monocytogenes in the Dairy Environment: New Insights into Physiology and Control of Gene Expression

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Antonio Lourenco


Full Project Title: In-line NIR Sensors Combined with Advanced Chemometrics to Rapidly Monitor Dairy Composition forSmart Milk Processing

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Yuanyuan Pu


Full Project Title: Remember the Drought: How Soil Memories Affect Grassland Resilience

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Natalie Justine Oram


Full Project Title: How Milk and Microbiota Affect Future Intestinal Health in Pigs

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Apeh Akwu Omede


Full Project Title: Seaweed as a Source of Novel Bioactives for Gut and Metabolic Health

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Emer Shannon


Full Project Title: Genetic Fingerprinting of Grassland Soils; The Potential of Soil Biology to Cycle and Supply Nutrients for Sustainable Intensification

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Giulia Bondi


Full Project Title: The Effect of Early Gut Viral and Bacterial Infections on Dysbacteriosis, Uneven Flock Performance and The Role of Antibiotic Treatments in the Susceptibility of Broilers to Campylobacter Carriage/Infection

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Jignasha Patel


Full Project Title: Novel Dietary Components in Healthy Ageing

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Caoileann Murphy 


Full Project Title: Function Follows Diversity: Consequences of Altered Plant or Soil Microbial Diversity for Nutrient Turnover in Grasslands

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Aaron Fox 


Full Project Title: Employing Pathogen Enrichment Sequencing to Inform Late Blight Resistance Gene Deployment in Potato

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Amanpreet Kaur 


Full Project Title: Innovative plant-based functional beverages from brewers´spent grain

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Kamaljit Moirangthem


Full Project Title: Digital technologies for advanced quality monitoring of traditional processed meats and innovative alternatives

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Ahmed Rady 


Full Project Title: Developing Effector-based breeding for resistance to Spongospora subterranea (powdery scab) in potato

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Maria de la O Leyva Perez


Full Project Title: Plant infection by plasmodiophorids and their influence on soil biodiversity and nutrient flow

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Arne Schwelm


Full Project Title: Investigation into the potential role of fungal viruses in the dry bubble disease of cultivated mushroom – towards biological pest management

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Lóránt Hatvani


Full Project Title: Social Stability as a Foundation to Improve Health and Welfare in Pigs: The Role of Intraspecific Communication

RL2025 Fellow: Dr Jen-Yun Chou