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Animal and Bioscience Department

Department Objectives

  • To produce profitable animals and the corresponding management strategies to deliver the productivity, sustainability and product quality targets set out in the Food Harvest 2020 and FoodWise 2025 visions.
  • Within this to be highly focused, relevant, collaborative, international, recognised, dynamic, well-financed, productive and give “value for money

Department Structure and Staffing

The department functions across dairy, beef and sheep enterprises and across the Grange, Moorepark and Athenry centres. 


  • 17 Research staff,
  • 3 Contract Research
  • 9 Post Docs
  • 7 Technologists (3 Permanent)
  • 7.4 Technicians, (6.4 Permanent)
  • 47 Walsh Fellows across – Moorepark, Grange, Athenry,
  • 47 Research Projects
  • 0.2 Administration


In 2018 the department had a core budget of €2.748 million with external funding of €1.588 million

Research Programme  Areas

  • Animal Breeding and Genetics + Bioinformatics
  • Animal Nutrition and Product Quality
  • Animal Reproduction
  • Animal Health
  • BETTER Sheep Farms

Read more about the department Animal Bioscience Research Department (pdf)