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Environment Knowledge Transfer

Department Objective

To support the sustainable development of the Agri-food industry through the delivery of high quality environment knowledge transfer programmes and services


Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management Planning - Pat Murphy & Tim Hyde

To improve our farmers skills in managing soils and improving soil fertility

Gaseous Emissions - Pat Murphy & Andy Boland

To reduce gaseous emissions and improve carbon footprint of Irish agriculture produce

Water Quality - Noel Meehan, Tim Hyde & Andy Boland 

To improve water quality in agricultural catchments

Cross Compliance and Regulation - Tim Hyde & Andy Boland

To support farmers in the meeting the requirements of regulation (cross compliance) and in applying for investment grants (TAMS)

Biodiversity & Landscape - Catherine Keena

  • To maintain and enhance biodiversity in agricultural systems
  • To support farmers in the application and implementation of Agri-environmental schemes to achieve scheme objectives



Read more about the department Environment Knowledge Transfer (PDF)