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Food Safety

Department Objective

Provide the science to underpin a total chain risk based approach to food safety focusing on microbial and chemical contaminants in the “farm to fork” food chain

Department Structures


Microbiology - Geraldine Duffy, Declan Bolton, Kaye Burgess, Kieran Jordan

Chemical Contaminants - Martin Danaher

Team of Technologist, Technicians, Post-Doctoral Fellows and Walsh Fellows


  • Microbiology category 2 and 3 (high level containment) laboratory
  • Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Chemical Contaminants (GC/MS/MS equipment)

Research Areas

Microbial Pathogens

Focus is on key microbial pathogens: Shigatoxigenic E. coli, Campylobacter, Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella

Chemical Contaminants

Focus is on detecting a range of veterinary drug residues, environmental and food  processing contaminants,  and micronutrients (vitamins)


Read more about the department Food Safety (PDF)