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Novel fermented feed reducing methane

TResearch Autumn 2023

Value Proposition

Our technology is a methane-reducing feed additive that can be used in a pasture-based system without negative effects on feed intake; the environment; productivity of animals; animals; or farmer and food safety; and with minimal effects on farm preparation.


Teagasc researchers have developed an enriched fermented seaweed additive that combines the known benefits of fermentation and enteric methane inhibition.

This novel approach increases palatability while effectively and safely reducing methane – by >10% – with potential to have a lasting impact on the rumen health. 

Development Stage

Our enriched formulation has been extensively characterised and tested both in-vitro, using state-of-the-art RUSITEC systems, and also in-vivo, in beef and sheep, with further studies in dairy to follow.

Patent protection for this technology has also been sought.


Our approach has multiple benefits over other technologies:

  • >10% reduction in methane production
  • increased palatability and digestibility
  • ease of administration
  • sustainably sourced from seaweed-ingredients
  • safe for livestock and food.


Funding has been provided by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine as part of
the Seasolutions Project: seasolutions.ie


For further information contact Dr Karen Dawson, Engage@Teagasc, engage@teagasc.ie