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The Animal Bioscience Department regulary contribute to popular publications such as Today's Farm, Newsletters, Open Day booklets and Conference booklets. View these below

Animal Bioscience Popular Publications 2017 - 2023

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Sealant of Approval, Pablo Silva Boloña, 2023. 
Team Spotlight: Measuring Methane in Irish Sheep Systems, F. McGovern et al., 2022. 
Rumen Microbiome and Methane Emissions, Paul Smith, David Kenny, Alan Kelly (UCD), Sinéad Waters, 2019.
Better genetics breed better lambs, F. McGovern, 2017.

Today's Farm

Predicting Intramammary Infection in Late - Lactation Cows  - Clare Clabby, 2023. 
Additives Reducing Methane Emissions, Emily Roskam and Sinéad M. Waters, 2022. 
The Single Challenge with BRD Viruses in Calves,  Stephanie O'Donoghue, Bernadette Earley and Sinéad Waters, 2022. 
Selective Dry Cow Therapy, Clare Clabby - 2020.
Anthelmintic resistance, Orla Keane, 2020. 

Teagasc Daily  

How to check if wormers are working on your farm - Orla Keane, 2023. 


Beef newsletters

Liver Fluke, Orla Keane, 2023. 
Breeding more Sustainable Beef Cattle, Paul Smith, David Kenny, Alan Kelly (UCD), Sinéad Waters, 2020. 

Beef Health Check Newsletter

Interpreting BEEP-S Faecal Egg Testing Results, Orla Keane, Autumn 2021.

Advisory Newsletter

Research Update METH-ABATE, Emily Roskam and Sinéad M. Waters, 2021. 

Johnstown Castle Open Day 

Strategies to Reduce Enteric Methane Emissions from Irish Agriculture - Dietary Feed Additives, Emily Roskam, Caroline O'Donnell and Sinéad Waters, 2022.
Breeding Low Methane Emitting Beef Cattle, Paul Smith, David Kenny, Alan Kelly (UCD), Stuart Kirwan and Sinéad Waters, 2022. 

Moorepark Open Day

Understanding the Rumen Microbial Colonisation of Calves and it's Impact on Performance, Michelle Strafford, Sabine Scully, Dr. Paul Smith, Prof. Frank Buckley, Prof. Sinéad Waters and Prof. David Kenny, 2023.
Measuring Dairy Calf Welfare During Long-Distance Road/Ferry Transportation, Luca van Dijk, Suzanne Siegmann, Katie Sugrue, Muireann Conneely, Gearoid Sayers and Niamh Field, 2023
Feeding Strategies to Improve Dairy Calf Welfare During Long-Distance Road/Ferry transportation, Suzanne Siegmann, Luca van Dijk, Katie Sugrue, Niamh Field, Kees van Reenan, Eddie Bokkers and Muireann Conneely, 2023. 
Attitudes of Farmers Towards Pain in Pasture - Based Cows, Natasha Browne, Chris Hudson and Muireann Conneely, 2023. 
Hoof Leasions in Lame Pasture-Based Cows, Natasha Browne, Chris Hudson, Katie Sugrue and Muireann Conneely, 2023.   
Optimising Infection Detection in Herds conducting Selective Dry Cow Therapy, Pablo Silva Boloña, Clare Clabby, Ainhoa Valldecabres and Pat Dillon, 2023. 
Cow and Management Factors Associated with SCC in the Following Lactation, Clare Clabby, Ainhoa Valldecabres, Pat Dillon and Pablo Silva Boloña, 2023. 
Intramammary Infections - Prevalence and Causes at Dry-Off and Calving, Orla Keane, Jim Flynn and Pablo Silva Boloña, 2023.
Breeding for Improved Product Quality - David Kelly and Maria Frizzarin, 2023. 
Effects of Using Internal Teat Sealant Alone on Udder Health in Five Commercial Herds, Clare Clabby, Pablo Silva Boloña, Sinead McParland and Pat Dillon, 2021. 
Quarter Milking Simulation to Estimate Quarter and Cow Milking Duration and Box time in an AMS, Pablo Silva Boloña, John Upton, Victor Cabrera, Tedward Erker and Douglas Reinemann, 2021. 
Milking Management and Drying - Off Procedure Survey of 22 Farmers implementing Selective Dry Cow Therapy, Clare Clabby, Pablo Silva Boloña, Sinead McParland and Pat Dillon, 2021. 
Comparison of the effect of two teat seal products on prevention of infections over the dry period and on SCC, Pablo Silva Boloña, Clare Clabby and Pat Dillon, 2021. 
Benefits and uses of mid-infrared milk spectroscopy, Maria Frizzarin, Sinead McParland, 2021. 
Breeding for a Lower Environmental Hoofprint, David Kelly (Teagasc) and Clodagh Ryan (ICBF), 2021.
How Well does your Farm Compare? Benchmarking Indicators of Welfare on Irish Dairy Farms, Robin Crossley and Muireann Conneely, 2021. 
Strategies to Reduce Lameness on your Farm, Natasha Browne and Muireann Conneely, 2021. 

Sheep Open Day

Sustainable Sheep Systems in Ireland, F McGovern et al., 2022.
The effect of sward type on dry matter intake, digestibility and methane production in sheep, S. WoodMartin et al., 2022. 
Measuring Methane in Irish Sheep Production Systems, E. Dunne et al., 2022. 
Exploiting Genetics, N McHugh et al., 2022. 
How Methane Production and Dry Matter Intake Differ Across Life - Stage, E. O'Connor et al., 2022
Do Sheep Ireland Genetic Evaluations Work for Maternal Traits, N Barry et al., 2022. 
Strategies to Reduce Methane Emissions in Sheep: Dietary Supplementation, Emily Roskam, Caroline O'Donnell, Vincent O'Flaherty and Sinéad Waters. 

Beef Open Day 

Strategies to Reduce Methane Emissions from Irish Beef Production, Paul Smith , David Kenny, Emily Roskam, Marie O’Rourke, Alan Kelly, Maria Hayes, Stuart Kirwan and Sinéad Waters, 2022. 



Assessing the potential to improve key profit drivers on beef farms, Paul Crosson, Edward G. O'Riordan, Paul Cormican and David Kelly, 2022. 


INZAC: An Irish versus New Zealand Animal Comparison, N. Fetherstone et al. 2021. 

Comercial - How it benefits our breeding Indexes, N. McHugh et al. 2020. 

Research Impact Highlights 

Reducing Antibiotic Usage in Dairy Cows, Clare Clabby, Pablo silva Boloña, Ainhoa Valldecabres and Pat Dillon, 2023. 
Lower Emissions, Same Productivity, Paul Smith, Sinéad Waters, David Kenny, Stuart Kirwan, Stephen Conroy (ICBF) and Alan Kelly (UCD), 2021.

Moorepark Dairy Levy Research Update Series 

Reducing Lameness in Irish Dairy Herds - A Guide for Farmers Muireann Conneely, Ger Cusack and Ned Dunphy, 2022. 

It's Your Field

Developing a Decision Support Tool to Help Slow the Further Development of Anthelmintic Resistance on Sheep Farms, Orla Keane, 2023.