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DairyBeef 500

Sustainable Dairy Beef Production Programme

DairyBeef 500 Newsletter                          

Teagasc is running a 5 year campaign focused on maximising the potential of beef production from the dairy herd. It will run from 2022 to 2026


The aim of DairyBeef 500 is to promote and demonstrate DairyBeef systems, which are socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.


DairyBeef 500 objectives include

  • Targeting a net margin* of €500 per hectare;
  • Creating greater integration between Beef and Dairy industries;
  • Improving the beef merit of calves coming from the dairy herd;
  • Increasing the adoption of best practices, especially in relation to grassland management and calf rearing;
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of DairyBeef production;
  • Establishing a cohort of profitable DairyBeef producers.

*Net Margin of €500/ha does not include farm family labour or land costs.

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Key Pillars of the Programme

There are six key pillars of the programme which will be underpinned by a coordinated campaign of events and activities activities these pillars are:

  • Tipperary Demonstration Farm

    The 112 ha dairy calf-to beef demonstration farm is based in Ballyvadin, Fethard, Co. Tipperary. It is a joint venture between Teagasc, Dawn Meats and Shinagh Estates Ltd. The Tipperary farm will demonstrate the deployment of best technologies in sustainable beef production.
  • DairyBeef 500 Demonstration Farms

    Demonstration farms will be a key pillar of the DairyBeef500 Campaign. There are fifteen demonstration farms spread throughout the country illustrating key technologies including calf rearing, grassland management, animal health, nutrition, financial management and environmental sustainability.
  • A strong Knowledge Transfer supporting programme

    Delivered by the Teagasc team of advisors and specialists. Targeting information at both Beef and Dairy clients in the form of discussion groups and events. The DairyBeef500 aims to establish sole DairyBeef discussion groups which will focus on important aspects of DairyBeef while also working with dairy groups in areas including breeding/genetics and calf management. For those looking to join a group, please contact your local Teagasc office.
  • Upskilling farmers, advisors, lecturers/teachers and students

    Enhancing the knowledge and capacity of advisors, lecturers/teachers, technicians, farm staff, farmers and students through regular training, short courses and the development of a dairy beef manual which addresses the relevant key aspects relating to dairy beef production.
  • A supporting Research and Education Programme

    Relevant ongoing reseach projects within Teagasc specific to DairyBeef production.
  • Weekly Communication

    Communication of the key messages through print and digital channels. 

More information on the DairyBeef 500 Programme is available in the programme booklet here DairyBeef 500 Programme Booklet (pdf) 

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