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Sourcing and selecting dairy beef calves 

Non feed factors that affect animal performance

When housing cattle for the winter, it is easy forget the importance that non-feed factors will have on the performance of their cattle over the duration of the housing period.

Here our DairyBeef 500 programme advisor, Gordon Peppard, reminds farmers of some of the key non-feed factors that will influence how their cattle perform during winter. Overstocking cattle pens during the winter has been shown to reduce live weight gain by up to 20%, which will naturally result in a longer finishing time and a more expensive finishing period.

Understanding the Commercial Beef Value (CBV)

Alan Dillon Dairy Beef 500 Campaign Manager talks us through the Commercial Beef Value (CBV) tool. A new tool to assist farmers in selecting animals for beef production. The CBV is a tool for non-breeding beef farmers. It gives an insight into an animal’s genetic merit for beef production based on its parentage. IT was launched by the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) in late 2021. 

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