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Grassland Management

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Time to appreciate the value of your cattle slurry

Joining Teagasc Dairy Edge host Dr Emma-Louise Coffey on a recent episode of the weekly podcast, Dr William Burchill, FBD Lecturer in Sustainable Agriculture at UCC, said that a rethink on the way slurry is managed on some farms is required.

Time to act on your paddock system

If you are thinking of putting a paddock system in place or even modifying your existing paddocks, now is the time to take action, Fergal Maguire, DairyBeef 500 Advisor, tells us more.

The potential of grass-based, dairy-beef heifer systems

Dr. Ellen Fitzpatrick presented findings on low-input, high-output, grass-based, dairy-beef heifer systems at the Teagasc National Beef Conference 2023.

Dairy-beef heifer systems at Johnstown Castle

This episode of the Beef Edge podcast features Ellen Fitzpatrick from Teagasc Johnstown Castle, who gave an interesting presentation at the Teagasc National Beef Conference.

Have you enough fodder for this winter? If in doubt act now

Alan Dillion, Co-ordinator of the Teagasc DairyBeef 500 Campaign, highlights the importance of early planning when it comes to managing fodder stocks this winter.

Balancing silage quality and concentrate feeding on calf to beef farms

Grass silage is an important winter feed in calf to beef systems. Balancing this forage with the correct quantity/quality of concentrate is key to achieving the desired winter weight gains.

Decision time, finish off grass or house?

2023 has proven to be a very difficult year to farm in many parts of the country. Alan Dillion, DairyBeef 500 Co-ordinator, writes about how to make the important decision, to either finish cattle off grass outdoors or to house them for a period and feed meal and silage inside.

Managing grass with heavy rainfall on a Limerick DairyBeef 500 farm

Despite the wet conditions, Ciaran Bartley, a participant in the Teagasc DairyBeef 500 Campaign, has devised a plan to keep grass in the diet for as long as possible. Alan Dillion, DairyBeef 500 Campaign Co-ordinator, tells us more.

Planning now for early Spring grass

Where does time go? As we enter the final third of the year and the final few weeks of the grazing season, now is the ideal time to put a plan in place to have high quality grass available for your stock next spring.