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The key points for sourcing, rearing and weaning calves

With calving kicking off on many dairy farms, Teagasc DairyBeef 500 Advisor, Tommy Cox features on this week’s Beef Edge podcast to discuss the key areas you need to focus on when sourcing, rearing and weaning calves.

Avoiding poor winter thrive - the factors to consider

Farmers often comment in the spring, when animals are returned to grass, that they are disappointed with how their animals have performed over the winter period, with average daily gains of as low as 0-0.3kg/day a common theme.

DairyBeef 500 join forces with AHI’s CalfCare Programme for on-farm events in January 2024

A series of 18 on-farm calf care events for farmers will take place nationwide throughout the month of January.

IBR: impacts and control

As a bonus Beef Edge episode, Dr. Maria Guelbenzu from Animal Health Ireland (AHI) who presented at the Teagasc National Beef Conference, discusses the prevalence of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR), and why Ireland needs to move towards a national eradication programme.

Time to winter dose on dairy-beef farms

With dairy-beef animals now indoors well over a month on many farms, Tommy Cox, DairyBeef 500 Advisor, writes that now is good time for farmers to start thinking about their parasite control programmes.

Controlling IBR - the first step is knowing your herd’s status

IBR is a highly infectious virus that not only has implications on animal performance, but its presence within Irish herds may cause disruptions when accessing key live export markets with Irish cattle in the future.

A guide on winter dosing products

With numerous products, brands and classes of anthelmintic available, Catherine Egan, Teagasc Beef Specialist, touches on the importance of winter dosing, while highlighting a useful guide from Animal Health Ireland for use when selecting the correct dosing products to use on your farm.

Keeping dairy beef animals healthy this winter

This year’s wet and mild summer has resulted in higher parasitic burdens in dairy beef animals. With housing underway in many parts of the country, it is important to eliminate these burdens to ensure animals remain healthy to optimise performance during the indoor period.

Controlling lice at housing

Alan Dillon, DairyBeef 500 Campaign Co-Ordinator, tells us about lice treatment and what can happen if we fail to treat.

Getting ready for housing on DairyBeef 500 farms

With daylight hours declining and heavy rainfall over recent weeks, the housing of stock is under way or just around the corner on many farms throughout the country. Tommy Cox, DairyBeef 500 Advisor, reports that this is also the case among DairyBeef 500 participants.

Mid-Season parasite control

An important factor to achieving the desired level of animal performance on calf-to-beef systems during the grazing season is ensuing they are free from parasites.