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CBV differences follow through to finish for Carlow DairyBeef 500 participant

Carlow DairyBeef 500 farmer Shane Cranny is using the Commercial Beef Value (CBV) tool to predict animal performance, Gordon Peppard, DairyBeef 500 Advisor to the farm, tells us how.

DairyBeef 500 update and winter management on your farm

Alan Dillon, DairyBeef 500 Manager, and Fergal Maguire, DairyBeef 500 Advisor, are on this week's Beef Edge podcast to give an update on the campaign. They also discuss winter management on farms.

Animal performance, red clover silage and finishing with DairyBeef 500 farmer Aidan Maguire

Like the rest of the country, ground conditions have deteriorated rapidly since the middle of October on Aidan Maguire’s farm in Navan, Co. Meath. In this article, Fergal Maguire, DairyBeef 500 Advisor to the farm, provides an update on grassland management, animal performance and silage quality.

Winter management of Gareth Peoples' DairyBeef 500 farm

DairyBeef 500 farmer Gareth Peoples is on this episode of the Beef Edge podcast to discuss winter management on his dairy-beef system in Co. Donegal.

Maintaining calf performance at grass for the rest of the grazing season this autumn

In general, the summer gone by has been tough on calves at grass. Most calf to beef producers found the growth rates of calves during the wet July and August has being back on previous years.