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Ken Gill


Location: Clonbullogue, Co. Offaly

Farm Size: 95ha-mostly free draining

System: Organic suckler to finish


Ken is a full-time farmer. The first and only organic farm to have joined the BETTER farm programme. Ken’s farm obtained full organic status in May 2015. The farm consists of 72ha in grass, 17ha in red clover and 6 ha being sown for winter forage crops typically a kale, rape and turnip mix.

Going forward Ken hopes to produce Oats where he will supply Flahavans invariably increasing his stocking rate on the pasture ground. Ken is calving 65 cows in August and September and breeding more size into his cows is one of his long-term goals.

Soil fertility is also an issue as P and K levels are extremely low. Given his organic status it will be a tedious task building soil fertility and farmyard manure is worth an awful lot in such a system.