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Sean Hayes


Location: Tulla, Co. Clare

Farm Size: 63.9ha - variable

System: Suckler to store


Sean currently runs a suckler to store system, calving 40 cows in the spring and an additional 20 in the autumn. Like many farms in the west his ground is fragmented with many parts heavy in nature.

Quality of stock isn’t an issue on the farm as Sean carries out AI himself, running the later calving cows with a terminal Charolais stock bull. Facilitating cheap weight gain on cattle from grass needs to be pushed here as it is the cornerstone of all beef systems. Silage quality must be of super quality to keep the fed costs of his autumn cows down.  

System needs to be simplified as he works off-farm part time also. Cutting down on cow-numbers and bringing all progeny to finish must be considered.   

Sean Hayes - Farming System