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Shane Gleeson


Location: Portnard, Capparmore. Co.Limerick

Farm Size: 40 HA all owned

System: Suckler to weanling


Shane farms 40 ha of mixed quality land near Cappamore in East Limerick. The farm is split in 2 with 70 acres on the home block and 30 acres on the out block. Approximately 50% of each farm is very dry free draining land with the remainder low lying heavy gley.

The farm currently carries 40 cows, the majority of which are spring calving with progeny sold as weanlings.

As Shane works off farm full time labour efficiency will be a major focus. A tight calving spread is a must on the farm and with stock numbers increasing to increase output, farm infrastructure will have to be improved. The addition of a dairy calf to beef system to complement the suckler herd on the farm will be examined.

Other areas to be addressed will be cow type and weanling weight gain. Improvements have been made on the farm at the programme inception to introduce paddocks and improve soil fertility