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Farm update week of July 2nd 2018

General Details

  • 96 cows and 96 calves, 29 replacement heifers, 99 steers/heifers currently at grass
  • Six groups being managed at grass; 4 groups of cows, calves and replacement heifers, and 2 groups of steers/heifers
  • 123/125 animals in the breeding herd have been AI’d since the breeding season started - The two remaining cows will not be AI’d; one cow has photosensitivity and we have been advised by the vet to not AI the other


  • Start date : 02/05/18
  • 84 animals that were 30 days past their first service have been pregnancy scanned to date
    • 76 (90%) have been scanned in-calf
  • Cows and replacement heifers are being closely monitored for repeats
  • 1 teaser bull with chin-ball harness per group of cows and group of replacement heifers
  • Tail paint, AM: PM heat detection and AI
  • Cows and heifers being observed 4 times per day


  • Farm was walked on Monday and average farm cover was low (AFC 384 kg DM/ha)
    • Highest grass covers were 800 kg DM/ha but majority were < 400 kg DM/ha
  • We have grazed all our area for second cut silage due to poor re-growths on grazing ground
  • The decision was made on Monday to feed bales to the cow groups
    • Cow groups are being fed bales from surplus paddocks cut earlier in the year
  • All groups are being allocated a small quantity of grass to their diet
  • We may begin creep feeding the calves if conditions continue to deteriorate
  • Steers/heifers are currently receiving concentrates in the paddock
    • We plan to build this up to 2 kg per head per day
    • This will reduce overall feed demand and stocking rate
  • Steers/heifers will be weighed next week. Once we have weighed them, we will select the heaviest animals and put them on a finishing diet 

Grassland management

The details below are for the full Derrypatrick farm:

Cover taken 02/07/2018


Average farm cover (kg DM/ha)


Growth (kg DM/ha/day)


Demand (kg DM/day/day)


DM content (%)


No N has been spread for the previous 2 weeks

Weekly planner

  • Monitor all cows and heifers regularly for heat detection
  • Keep tail paint up to date
  • Do weekly grass covers and monitor re-growths closely
  • Herd test will be undertaken Monday 9th July
  • Weigh whole herd next week
  • Check animals daily