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Derrypatrick Farm Notes Week of August 20th

General Details

  • 96 cows and 96 calves, 29 replacement heifers, 99 steers/heifers currently at grass
  • Yearlings were dosed for roundworms and lungworms last week


  • A pregnancy scan is scheduled for the 19th of September

Animal performance

  • Calves are currently receiving 1 kg per head concentrates through creep feeders
    • This was implemented during the drought to ensure calves were continuing to receive adequate feed when baled silage was being fed in the paddock
    • The decision has been made to maintain the calves on creep to ensure animal performance is not affected by removal of the supplementation
  • Steers/heifers are currently receiving 2 kg per head concentrates
  • 24 animals have been selected for finishing 
    • These animals are currently getting 4 kg concentrates

Picture 1: Yearling cattle grazing a cover of 1600 kg DM/ha. Average weight of heifers and steers was 467 kg at the last weight check, with an average daily gain of 1.10 kg/day (heifers: 452 kg [ADG: 1.08 kg/day]; steers: 482 kg [ADG: 1.11 kg/day]).


  • Farm was walked on Monday and average farm cover has improved significantly (AFC 882 kg DM/ha)
  • Grass quality on the re-growths is much improved when compared with a few weeks ago
  • Average pre-grazing yield for this week has been 1400 kg DM/ha at a dry matter of 16.5%
  • The farm currently has 13 days grass available
  • Area has been closed for second-cut silage (18 hectares; 27% of total area)
    • Three bags of CAN/acre was spread on the second-cut silage ground
  • We will continue to walk the farm to monitor grass growth and will make management decisions based on our weekly farm walks
  • One bag of CAN/acre (27.5 units of N fertiliser) is now being spread following each grazing
  • We are ensuring a post-grazing sward height of <4.5 cm to ensure good grass utilisation

Grassland management

The details below are for the full Derrypatrick farm:

Cover taken 20/08/2018


Average farm cover (kg DM/ha)


Growth (kg DM/ha/day)


Demand (kg DM/day/day)


Days ahead





  • This autumn 4.56 hectares of land (4 paddocks) will be reseeded
  • The area for reseeding was sprayed on Wednesday 22nd of August
  • The area will be rotavated and power harrowed
  • The variety chosen for reseeding of these paddocks is Oakpark, a late heading diploid variety
  • Two of the four paddocks will also have 1.5 kg/acre of Chieftain and 1.5 kg/acre of Aberherald included in the mix

Weekly planner

  • Do weekly grass covers and monitor re-growths closely
  • Spread CAN after each grazing
  • Calves will be castrated on Monday 27th of August
  • Calves will be injected for roundworms and lungworms on Monday 27th of August




Picture 2: A heifer calf from the Derrypatrick herd (sire VMO). This calf was 240 kg at last weight check. Average daily again from birth is 1.16 kg/day.


Picture 3 (Below): A bull calf from the Derrypatrick herd (sire FTY). This calf was 243 kg at last weight check. Average daily again from birth is 1.21 kg/day.