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Farm Management Notes Week of June 17th

General Update

  • 18 ha of the 1st cut silage was harvested on the 9th of June. This grass received a 24-hour wilt before it was picked up in dry conditions. This deliberately delayed harvest aims to produce silage which will be fed to the pregnant cows over the winter.
  • 12 ha of this area has since been closed for 2nd cut silage and will received 33m3 cattle slurry and 100 kg N/ha and CAN (3000 gallons/acre slurry and 2.5 bags/acre CAN).
  • Currently there are 24ha (37%) of the farm closed for second cut silage.
  • The breeding season commenced on May 7th and all cows/heifers have now been submitted for AI.
  • 35 cows/heifers which were 30 days past their first service (and had not repeated) were pregnancy scanned on Monday.
    • 33 (94%) were scanned in-calf.
  • All beef bullocks, heifers and replacement heifers received an Ivermectin based wormer for the control of gastrointestinal roundworms and lungworms.

Grassland Management

  • Grass growth has declined in the last week which has left grass tighter than expected.
  • An additional 6ha of pasture which was harvested for 1st cut silage will now be available for grazing in the coming days.
  • Paddocks are receiving 33kg N/ha (1 bag/ac of CAN) post-grazing.

The Derrypatrick grass supply and demand is shown below:

Cover taken 19/06/2019 
Average farm cover (kg DM/ha) 575
Cover/LU (kg DM/LU) 101
Growth (kg DM/ha/day) 56
Demand (kg DM/day/day) 65
Days ahead 9

Weekly Planner

  • The annual herd test will take place this week.
  • Monitor all cows and heifers regularly for signs of heat.
  • Keep tail paint up to date on all cows and heifers.
  • Calculate weekly grass covers and monitor grass growth closely.