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Farm Management Notes Week of May 6th

General Update

  • Calving commenced on February 6th 2019 and finished on May 7th. Over this period 105 cows calved and had 104 live calves.
Calving details 
Mean calving date March 15th
Average calf birth weight 46.6kg
Heifer calves 43.3kg
Bull calves 49.7kg
  • The breeding season started on May 7th with 28 cows/heifers served in the first 4 days.
  • All cows were tail painted one colour (yellow) and after AI the paint will be changed to blue and cows will be monitored closely in 3 weeks’ time for repeats.
  • Minerals are distributed through the water.


  • The turnout date in 2019 was February 11th. This was 9 weeks earlier than in 2018.
  • Replacement heifers, yearling bullocks and beef heifers were turned before cows. Yearling bullocks and heifers were rehoused on the 4th of March due to poor weather conditions. They then returned to grass on the 22nd of March.
  • The first cows and calves were turned out on February 25th and have remained at pasture.
  • 101 cows and 104 calves are now at grass.
  • 56% of the farm (36 ha) was closed for silage, 75% of this area was grazed in the spring.
  • The un-grazed silage area will be cut during the week starting May 13th to maximise grass quality. It is planned to feed this silage to the growing animals.
  • The 2nd rotation started on Monday 29th of April.


Yearlings post-turnout grazing paddocks which were reseeded in August

Grassland Management

The Derrypatrick grass supply and demand is shown below:

Cover taken 08/05/2019 
Average farm cover (kg DM/ha) 587
Cover/LU (kg DM/LU) 101
Growth (kg DM/ha/day) 43
Demand (kg DM/day/day) 65
Days ahead 9
  • 56% of total farm area has been closed for 1st cut silage
  • 50 kg N ha (20kg/ac) being spread after each paddock is grazed

Yearling Performance

Yearling weights 
Housing (Bullocks)  353kg 
Housing (Heifers)  321kg 
Turnout (Bullocks)  401kg 
Turnout (Heifers )  375kg 
Bullocks 17/4/2019  428kg 
Heifers 17/4/2019  393kg 

Beef heifers grazing a covers of 1600kg/DM/ha


  • Cows and heifers observed 4 times per day
  • AM:PM rule applying to AI
  • 100% AI being used
  • Teaser bull are fitted with chin-ball harness and it’s paint topped up when required
  • A number of cows and heifers were seen in heat the week prior to breeding

Weekly Planer

  • Monitor all cows and heifers regularly for heat detection
  • Keep tail paint up to date
  • Keep the teaser bull’s chin ball harness topped up with paint
  • Do weekly grass covers and monitor grass growth closely