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Aonghusa Fahy May Update


During the month of May , the cows are kept in fields near the yard for the AI. As Aonghusa works off – farm , heat dectection aids such as Moo heat and a vasectomised bull are used to identify heats. There is a collar for the vasectomised bull and an eartag for the cow and  when he mounts the cow-a text is sent to Aonghusa’s  phone. The benefits of AI give access to the top genetics with proven, high reliable figures. This year bulls such as Creggpark Marcus, Lapon, Whitecliffe James and Cross Liam.  AI will be used for 3 weeks and the bull will be then be introduced and left with the cows for another 10 weeks.


The average growth rate for the month was 73kgs DM/ha and demand was 46kgs DM/Ha.  Paddocks with high covers were taken out in the last week of May. While the average farm cover was over 800kgs DM/ha – taking out surplus paddocks as silage reduced it to below 430kgs DM/ha- which is on the low side. However growth rates in the last week of May have been in the order of 80 kgs/DM/day so the AFC will increase. There is 11 days of grass ahead which is close to target for the time of year. Almost 20 acres of silage has been cut by the end of May. The grass was tested for both Nitrates and sugar levels and was cut in the afternoon and left for 36 hours before harvesting.