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Ed Curtin September/October Update 2023

Latest weights

Latest weights

  • Weights for dairy beef calves 2023
  • Finishing dairy beef cattle also weighed
  • Two suckler bred heifers will also be finished
Health treatments

Health treatments

  • Coccidiosis treatment given
  • Cattle were dosed for lung and GI worms
  • Cows were treated for fluke


The 2023 born dairy beef bulls (36) were weighed on 23rd September and averaged 182kg after gaining 0.7 kg/day since birth. Despite the challenging summer they are only 0.03kg/head/day behind last year’s weights.

 The 10 dairy beef heifers were weighed on the same day and averaged 155kg after gaining 0.55kg/day since birth.

Dairy beef weanlings in slatted shed

Figure 1: The 2023 dairy beef calves

Ed weighed his finishing stock on 4th October when they were housed. He has 23 AAX bullocks that were born in 2022 and they averaged 499kg after gaining 0.89kg/day at grass since 18th March. The 7 FRX bullocks were an average weight of 531kg after gaining 0.87 kg/day at grass since 18th March.

Two beef heifers will also be finished over the winter.

Dairy beef yearlings eating silage

Figure 2: The dairy beef yearlings to be finished

Animal Health

The dairy beef calves have been treated for a coccidiosis outbreak in the pen. They were also given an injectable dose to treat them for lung worms and gastro intestinal worms and received an ivermectin pour on to prevent any lice outbreaks.

One AAX heifer died from summer scour syndrome.

He cows were treated with a yellow drench for rumen fluke and unfortunately 2 of them started tremoring for a number of days afterwards. This has since stopped and they have recovered from it.