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Ger McSweeney June Update

Wrapping up the breeding season

Wrapping up the breeding season

  • Spring breeding season is now finished
  • Using automated heat detection system to pick up repeat cows
  • Culling for neospora


Ger started breeding on 23rd March and the last serve was on 14th June (12 weeks in total). This gives an expected calving start date of 8th Jan 2023 and an end date of 24th March. 44 cows were bred in total and it estimated that there will be 40 cows in calf. Two have definitely repeated.

Ger won’t be scanning as his automated heat detection system is quite accurate for identifying repeat cycling cows and this gives him good information regarding expected conception rates.

Eight cows have been selected for culling as they tested positive for neospora last year. Any cows or heifers that are not in calf will also be culled this year. Ger plans to blood test the cows again this year to help identify if anymore neospora positive cows/heifers are in the herd and these will be marked for culling next year. The best time to identify any positive animals is 4 to 10 weeks before calving so Ger will blood test them in December with his vet, and the March calving cows could possibly be tested in late January to ensure that they are checked are the right time pre-calving.