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Ger McSweeney July/August Update 2023

FEC sampling

FEC sampling

  • FEC samples taken
  • No dosing required
  • Calves will be monitored for lung worms
Finishing performance

Finishing performance

  • Latest weights for finishing heifers
  • Two cull cows slaughtered
  • Finishing heifers housed

Animal Health

Faecal egg samples were taken from the bull and heifer calves in early July and they were negative for lung worms, gastro intestinal worms and coccidia. Therefore they do not require any dose but Ger is monitoring them regularly for any coughing which may indicate a lungworm burden.

FEC sample report

Figure 1: FEC sample results from the bull & heifer calves


The finishing heifers were weighed on 8th July. They averaged 499kg and gained 0.77kg/day since 30th January. They are now housed for finishing and are eating 5kg of 14% CP ration per head per day, along with good quality silage. Ger usually feeds them at grass but poor weather and ground conditions means it was easier to house them for feeding this year. Two heifers are fir for slaughter already.

Two cows were culled on 4th July. One cow graded R-4= at a carcass weight of 381kg and made €1676. The second cow graded U=4= at 477kg carcass weight and made €2146.50.

Finishing heifers eating ration in a shed

Figure 2: Finishing heifers eating ration

Finishing heifers

Figure 3: Finishing heifers