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Olivia Hynes June update


The average grass growth for June was 42kg/DM/ha/day and with demand at an average of 54kgs/DM/ha/day grass supply remained tight enough at 14 days ahead and an AFC of 720kgs/DM/ha . However , demand will reduce due to the selling of lambs and ewes can be tightened up afterwards.   Surplus stock like cull ewes and dry cows  have been sold. First cut silage was made on the 9th and 10th of June . A second round of Protected urea was applied at 20 units /acre. The plan for improving infrastructure is continuing with 2 large fields in Kilcash divided with permanent sheep wire fencing. Additional fencing has been applied for under Tams and approval should issue before the end of the year.

Animal Health

As there was evidence of coughing, the weanlings have been dosed for both lungworm and stomach worms. An Ivermectin type pour-on was used. Similarly, the lambs have been wormed. All ewes have been sheared and lame ones treated.


By the 22nd of June, the 12 breeding heifers were all  AI’ d . The first 26 cows that claved  have been  AI’d also and are now running with the bull along with the remainder of the herd. Tail painting was used for identifying cows on heat. The tail paint was topped up regularly . The bull will be removed in July.  50 to 60 ewes lambs have been identified for replacements and are on priority grass.


By mid June approx. 50% of the lambs have been sold at an average carcase weight of 19.5kgs. Lambs for slaughter are drafted weekly to ensure that the carcase limit of 20kgs is not exceeded. There are another 250 lambs to sell.