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Olivia Hynes May update


In order to grow and utilize more grass , 12 extra permanent paddocks were put in on the homefarm in Jamestown. The long-life, treated stakes at €5/each and a single strand of high tensile wire was used. The paddocks are 2ha in size, and will allow a lot more flexibility in managing grass. The paddocks are can be easily sub- divided again   using reels and pigtails. The main advantages for the farm are;

  • Improved sward quality hence increasing daily live weight gain
  • Gives more control on grazing management
  • Allows for taking out surplus grass resulting in top quality silage during the peak grazing season
  • Allows for creep grazing with calves/lambs later in season

Allows for a more targeted fertiliser programme


A.I. is used on the suckler herd for 4 weeks before the Lim bull is introduced. Cows are showing string heats with 20 A.I’d inside 2 weeks. Tail piant is used as an observation aid and is working well. The tail paint is topped up twice weekly. As the export markets are the target both Belgian Blue(Delure)  and CH (Fiston) is used. Both are well proven bulls with high reliability figures. AI will be used on the 12  maiden heifers also starting in the second week of May.


The lambs are been weighed weekly during the month of May and anything fit is sold. To date, the average carcase weight is 20kgs which is just beneath the 20.5kg threshold. Weighing weekly indicates what is fit for slaughter. The lambs are 12-14 weeks of age, and have received no meal. It is important that lambs are not let go too heavy as any kgs over 20.5kg won’t be paid.  Any problem ewes have been culled also. The ewe flock will be sheared by the end of the month.