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Proinnsias Creedon July/August 2023

Treating for lung and gastro intestinal worms

Treating for lung and gastro intestinal worms

  • Yearlings treated for lung worms
  • Classic sign of lung worms: Husky cough with neck extended
  • Calves treated for coccidosis, gastro intestinal worms & lung worms
Latest weights

Latest weights

  • Calf weights improved since doses given
  • Yearling weights have also improved
  • Most of 2021 born heifers slaughtered, 1 remaining
Focusing on soil pH

Focusing on soil pH

  • Soil pH levels on the farm
  • Lime to be spread this autumn as part of the National Liming Programme
  • Fields for over sowing white clover will need a pH of over 6.5

Animal Health

One calf is being treated for a naval infection.

The 2022 born yearlings were dosed with an ivermectin product on 18th July. They had husky coughs with their tongues hanging out which was an indication that they had a burden of lung worm.

The 2023 born calves were dosed for coccidiosis at the beginning of July as a FEC sample indicated that it was present in some of the calves. They will be dosed for gastro intestinal and lung worms with an oral fenbendazole drench.

Heifer coughing with a lungworm burden

Figure 1: Classic sign of lungworm in a heifer – husky cough with neck and tongue extended


The 2023 born calves (55) were weighed on 12th August. They averaged 133kg and gained 0.77kg/day since 8th July which was a great improvement on the previous weight. They have been treated for coccidiosis, lung worms and stomach worms since then which has made a huge difference as they only gained 0.18 kg/day between 26th June and 8th July.

18 of the 2022 born yearlings were weighed on 11th August. They averaged 374kg and gained 1.13kg/day since 19th July. 11 of the bought in yearlings were also weighed and they averaged 417kg after gaining 1.43kg/day in the same period.

Four heifers were slaughtered off grass on 17th July. They were 28.8 months of age on average and killed out with a carcass weight of 278 kg. They graded O=4- and made an average price of €1408/head.

One bullock and 5 heifers were slaughtered off grass on 11th August. They were 29.4 months of age on average. This leaves only 1 heifer to be finished before she turns 30 months on 2nd September. The heifers gained 0.99 kg/day between 9th July and 10th August and averaged 566kg live weight.

Finished heifers

Figure 2: Some of the heifers slaughtered on 11th August

Finished heifers & bullock

Figure 3: Heifers and bullock slaughtered on 11th August

Soil Fertility

Lime will be spread on low pH paddocks in mid-August, weather permitting. 69% of the farm has a pH above the target of 6.2. 19% of soils are between pH 5.9 to 6.2, 6% are between 5.5 and 5.9 and 6% has a pH of less than 5.5. Proinnsias plans to oversow clover in selected paddocks next spring and these will require a ph of over 6.5. 

Lime delivers a 7:1 return on investment and increases the response to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in organic and chemical manures, as well as releasing up to 70kg N/ha/year soil nitrogen.

106t of lime was required in total, based on 2022 soil sample results. 40t was spread last year and Proinnsias has applied for the National Liming Programme this year to spread more.

Soil pH status on the farm

Figure 4: Soil pH status of the farm