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Calving Checklist

Calving Checklist (PDF)

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To do list

  • Are cows scanned?
  • Use ICBF expected calving profile to determine calving dates, cows with twins, peak workload.
  • Cows vaccinated against scour, IBR etc.
  • Dry minerals for 6 weeks pre-calving
  • Are cows clean? (Tails/Flank)
  • Have you got frozen colostrum/biestings?
  • Are calving cameras clean & serviced
  • Are calving sensors working and have new batteries?
  • Have you ordered sufficient tags?


  • Calving gloves
  • Calving lubricant
  • Calving jack
  • Good calving ropes & spares
  • Iodine
  • Chlorohexidine
  • Stomach Tube/Feeding bottle
  • Electrolyte/Kaolin Powder
  • Thermometer
  • Warming box/calf jacket
  • Calciject/Magniject
  • Flutter valve
  • Cow lifter

Leaflet image. Full text below.

Points to remember

  • Well grown first calvers are essential
  • Use correct navel care routine
  • Plan your calvings to minimise problems
  • Observe all calvings if possible
  • Clean pens & housing to minimise disease
  • Intervene only when necessary