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September 9 - Attention to detail evident on Tipperary-based calf-to-beef operation
August 25 - Making adjustments and moving away from Friesian bulls in Co. Cork
August 1 - Video: Getting the plough out in Co. Roscommon
July 29 - Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef farms: The story so far...
July 22 - How is the Grange dairy calf-to-beef herd performing?
July 13 - Building soil fertility and starting a reseeding programme in Co. Limerick
July 7 - Reseeding and spraying: Why and how can I get the best results?
July 6 - Parasitic burdens: 'Young stock and young grazers; they have had no exposure'
July 2 - Changing strategy and putting a plan in place in Co. Mayo
June 24 - Achieving excellent results from spraying in Co. Kildare
June 18 - What are the target weights for my spring-born calves during the first grazing season?
June 8 - Green Acres: Harvesting first-cut silage and taking out surplus paddocks
May 14 - Video: Reaping the benefits of grass measuring in Co. Carlow
May 8 - Tipping the scales: Monitoring bull, steer and heifer performance in Co. Wexford
Apr 23 - Video: Who and where are the 14 Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef demonstration farms?
Apr 22 - Comparisons between calf breeds and prices in Co. Louth
Apr 20 - The importance of calf health and vaccination discussed in Co. Kildare
Apr 18 - Increasing carcass weight, conformation and achieving a faster finish in Co. Waterford
Apr 13 - ‘You can go to all the meetings, but unless you implement the advice, it’s no good’
Apr 10 - Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme launched
Apr 09 - Teagasc commits to increasing beef sires used on its dairy herds
Apr 09 - Full house in Tullamore for Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme launch
Apr 09 - Band of brothers: Why this beef farmer influenced his dairy siblings on sire selection 
Apr 04 - 120 calves sourced; turnout achieved; and grazing in full swing in Co. Kildare 
Mar 31 - Teagasc Green Acres eProfit Monitors: Where are the farms starting at? 
Mar 30 - Meet the newly-appointed Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef advisors 
Mar 24 - 'We need to spread 1-1.2 million tonnes of lime annually’ 
Mar 17 - Factors to be considered when it comes to feeding dairy-beef calves 
Mar 11 - Providing the perfect environment for calves in Co. Kilkenny 
Mar 09 - Why relationships with dairy farmers are the key for calf-to-beef finishers 
Mar 03 - Purchasing 180 calves from local dairy farms in Co. Kilkenny 
Feb 22 - Don’t miss the opportunity to soil sample 
Feb 16 - 5 factors contributing to profitable dairy-beef production 
Feb 04 - Top of the agenda in Co. Westmeath: Purchasing calves and focusing on grass 
Jan 16  - How much should beef farmers pay for bull calves from the dairy herd?