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September 19: GrowthWatch: Aim to maximise the use of autumn grass
September 12: GrowthWatch: Slurry and fertiliser - when and where?
September 11: Virtual Farm Walk: Relive all of the action
September 10: Virtual Farm Walk: The final chapter
September 10: Virtaul Farm Walk: Calf health is your wealth
September 10: Virtual Farm Walk: Improving pasture quality through reseeding
September 10: Virtual Farm Walk: Chasing heavier carcasses in Co. Roscommon
September 10: Virtual Farm Walk: Small changes reap big silage quality rewards
September 10: Introducing Martin Connolly: Our host farmer for today's Virtual Farm Walk
September 9: Reminder: Virtual Farm Walk to take place on AgriLand tomorrow
September 6: Virtual Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme farm walk next Thursday
September 4: GrowthWatch: Chemical fertiliser deadline approaching
August 27: GrowthWatch: Meal feeding to be fast tracked to spring-born calves
August 22: GrowthWatch: Managing tricky grazing conditions
August 16: Harvesting the last of the winter fodder in Co. Mayo
August 12: Growthwatch: Building autumn covers firmly in sight
August 6: GrowthWatch: Beware of reduced grass quality
August 5: Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme webinar takes place tonight
August 1: Target weights achieved in the 'short-grass county'
July 31: GrowthWatch: Focus turns to building grass covers for the autumn
July 23: GrowthWatch: Keeping a close eye on pre-grazing covers
July 18: Assessing the fodder situation in Co. Kilkenny
July 16: GrowthWatch: Grass growth exceeding demand scenario welcomed
July 11: GrowthWatch: Focus switches to second-cut silage and surpluses
July 8: How are the Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme farms performing in 2020?
July 7: 'The biggest change I made was dividing the place up into better paddocks'
July 7: 'Last year silage quality would have slipped and I paid the price in feeding meal'
July 7: The Long brothers' integrated approach to dairy and beef farming
July 2: GrowthWatch: Ample rainfall drives grass growth
June 26: GrowthWatch: Growth and demand still finely balanced
June 17: GrowthWatch: Awaiting a grass growth bounce after recent rainfall
June 13: Monitoring liveweight gain performance in Co. Carlow
June 10: GrowthWatch: Green drought spreads nationwide
June 4: GrowthWatch: Deciding on a grassland management plan for the current dry spell
May 27: GrowthWatch: Rain gives respite, but growth still slow
May 19: GrowthWatch: Dry weather takes its toll in some areas
May 18: Holstein Friesian calves dominate 2020 calf team on Green Acres farms
May 17: How many herds were the 2020 calf team sourced from on Green Acres farms?
May 16: What was paid for dairy-origin calves in spring 2020?
May 16: Harvesting first-cut silage 5 weeks earlier than 2019 in Co. Roscommon
May 13: GrowthWatch: Attention turning to first-cut silage
May 11: Reseeding 16ac with a red clover and Italian Ryegrass mix in Co. Cork
May 7: GrowthWatch: Grazing to 4cm important to maintain grass quality
April 29: GrowthWatch: Grass in surplus territory
April 23: GrowthWatch: Grass moving ahead
April 15: Options for beef farmers in a falling market
April 5: 50% of the way there in Co. Mayo
April 4: Managing spring grazing in counties Meath, Kildare and Roscommon
March 22: 'Spring grass is higher in protein and energy; and four times cheaper than meal'
March 17: Video: How to weigh calves using a weigh-band and the correct weaning process
March 15: 'There is no room for poor-quality silage in a calf-to-beef system'
March 14: Video: Calf disease and how vaccination can play an important role against this
March 12: Large crowds descend on Carlow-based calf-to-beef farm for first walk of 2020
March 8: Video: How to clean feeding equipment thoroughly to avoid the build up of bacteria
March 7: Video: What to look for in a quality milk replacer
March 7: Video: How to manage the dairy calf on arrival to the beef farm
March 7: Video: The correct housing environment is crucial for top performance
March 3: Diary date: Tidy calf-to-beef operation to be showcased in Co. Carlow
March 2: Video: How to examine the calf prior to purchase for dairy-beef systems
March 1: The importance of choosing dairy calves with the right genetics for beef production
February 23: Video: What questions should I ask dairy farmers when sourcing dairy-beef calves?
February 22: Video: What can I pay for dairy-beef calves?
February 19: Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme: Year 1 eProfit Monitor results
February 16: Video series: The complete guide to buying and rearing dairy-beef calves
February 16: Teagasc Green Acres farms: Tracking 2019-born calves' performance
February 15: Examining 2019 grass growth performance across demonstration farms
February 2: Inside a 4,600 head beef-finishing operation in the UK
January 25: Purpose-built calf house makes life easier for this UK-based dairy and beef farmer
January 25: Rearing 600 calves on contract and operating a beef-finishing enterprise in the UK

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