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Irvine Allen

Location: Mount Temple, Moate, Co. Westmeath

Farm size: 58ha

Current System: 20-24 month Aberdeen Angus / Hereford heifer and steer beef

Local Teagasc Advisor: John Kelly

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Irvine purchased his first batch of dairy calves in 2012. Previous to this he had 10-12 suckler cows and buying in 35 weanlings each year and bringing all to slaughter. Since then he has sold out his suckler cows in order to expand his calf

to beef enterprise.

In spring of 2018, 90 calves were bought. The majority of the calves on the farm are Aberdeen Angus or Hereford with a small number of Friesian bull calves.

Currently he is farming 58ha in three blocks with 25ha owned and 33.5ha leased. The farm is stocked at 1.53 LU/Ha. Through-out the programme Irvine plan is to focus on grassland management and setting up a paddock system in order to grow more grass and utilise it more efficiently. Once this is achieved he will aim to increase his stocking rate.

He as installed an automatic milk feeder with feeding two stations on the farm which greatly cuts down on the labour involved in rearing these calves. Sons Mathew and Evan help out at weekends and evenings with the calves while his father Pat is on farm helping out most days.

One of Irvine’s biggest problems on the farm was cash flow during the year so he is trying to put a system in place where he will have 10-12 cattle fit for slaughter each month. Irvine also runs a silage contracting business alongside the farm.

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