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David Walsh

Address: Aughnavoulivane, Newcastle, Co. Tipperary

Farm Size: 41 ha all owned

Soil Type: 50% dry, 50% heavy, 900 ft above sea level

Farming system: Suckler to store/Finish, 50% of steers and heifers finished off grass at 20 months, remainder sold live

Farm Plan: David aims to increase from 35 to 55 cows, all spring calving in a 10 week period.Stores will be kept until 18-20 months of age or finished rather than selling at 11-12 months after first winter. Early turnout will be a major focus of Davids farm, with lighter stock prioritised in early spring to exploit cheap weight gain from grass. Replacements sourced from bought in dairy bred calves. 2 stock bulls used on heifers and cows.