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Grange is one of the world's leading beef production research programmes and the aims of the programme are to identify the key priority needs of the sector and using the latest scientific knowledge identify the technologies that need to be developed in order to meet these needs, and thus underpin the future of the sector.

A range of new and improved technologies are necessary to allow exploitation of our competitive advantages. In many cases these will have to be developed specifically for Irish conditions. These technologies must be profit enhancing, leading to the sustainable production of a consistent supply of wholesome food products for the consumer, while at the same time supporting rural development and maintaining the environment.

Improved profitability of the beef industry will require innovative, focused scientific research and development in key priority areas, with immediate access to the resultant technical and market information. The research programme must have international scientific credibility, be innovative and relevant to the sector. The main priorities for the Irish beef sector are that, an adequate and secure standard of living will be had by those involved in livestock production, consumers are provided with a supply of product (beef) that meets their needs, and the technologies employed on farms are sustainable and enhance an attractive countryside.

The vision for Grange is to be a centres of international scientific excellence in research and technology development for the efficient production of safe, quality, healthy beef, in profitable production systems that meet stringent environmental and animal welfare standards. The strategic intent will be to provide scientific and technological support for sustainable and profitable production. Thus, through the development and integration of appropriate technologies Grange will provide a range of competitive strategies that will strengthen consumer demand for safe, high quality beef that will ensure greater national and international market access for the Irish beef industry.

The main resources available to the beef research programme at Grange are 250 ha of grassland, a cattle accommodation capacity of over 1100 animals and facilities to individually feed 300 animals (Broadbent/Calan Gates. A suite of forage, animal tissue and molecular laboratories are available to support the research programme.

Dr Edward O'Riordan
Enterprise Leader

Science Week 2018 Teagasc Grange

Teagasc Animal & Grassland Research Centre at Grange, Co. Meath welcomed a number of Secondary School students to the campus as part of #ScienceWeek2018. They heard from a number of Teagasc staff about research being done in Teagasc