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2nd LIFE BEEF CARBON European Networking meeting

Spain hosted the second LIFE BEEF CARBON EU network at the CaixaForum in Madrid on the 10th of January 2019. This half day meeting was attended by approximately 100 people and included policymakers, industry experts, and academics from across Europe.  It covered the current emissions situation and the latest project results.

The opening session of the Spanish network reviewed the current climate change situation and COP 24. It was provided by Fundacion, Empresa and Clima, and the European Commission DG Climate Action. These overview talks were followed by presentations on the first carbon footprint results for LIFE BEEF CARBON demonstrative farms and the innovative farms action plan to mitigate emissions. Teagasc provided preliminary Irish results and detailed the progress that the Teagasc/IFJ Better Beef farms are making in terms of sustainability and emissions. Both topics were further discussed in the final session of the network along with climate change predictions and the future of the common agricultural policy (CAP). The meeting was closed by president of ASOPROVAC, IDELE and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food. The program for the network was

10:45 GHG current situation & COP 24. The results that await us – Elvira Carles (Director of the Empresa & Clima Foundation).

11:00 Agriculture and climate change under the Paris agreement and in European Climate policies – Rene Colditz – (European Commission DG Climate Action).
11:15 Presentation of the LIFE beef carbon project: Jean Baptiste Dolle (IDELE- coordinator UE project- Matilde Moro (ASOPROVAC- coordinator Spain).
11:45 Presentation of first innovative livestock analyzes and reduction plans in the different countries. (ASOPROVAC, Teagasc, IDELE, CREA).
12: 40 Climate change and the future CAP: Esperanza Orellana (Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food)
13:00 Closure: General secretary Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food (MAPAMA)

The organization of the network was led by ASOPROVAC and supported by all partners.

Rene Colditz, European Commission, presenting climate change policy to attendees of the Spanish network meeting