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Monitoring the young bull

Doreen Corridan, Munster Bovine highlights the importance of monitoring the young bull throughout the breeding season. It is very easy to miss cows in heat so it is important to use a monitoring device such as a chin ball, scratch pads or scanning.

Training the Young Bull

Doreen Corridan, Munster Bovine gives an overview of how you need to train a bull for mating. You need do two things, firstly to make sure that the bull can actually mate by having him fertility tested and also if he has the desire to mate by putting him in a pen with a cow in heat.

Safety around the Stock Bull

In this video Aidan Murray, Teagasc Beef Specialist and Doreen Corridan, Munster Bovine highlight the importance of being safe around a stock bull.

Oestrus synchronisation or timed insemination for sucklers

Why should suckler farmers consider using synchronisation? How successful is it? What is the recommended protocol? Is it different for heifers? What are the costs? Professor David Kenny of Teagasc Grange answers these questions in this informative video.

Resuming Oestrous cycles after calving

Professor David Kenny of Teagasc Grange explains why suckler cows are slow to return to breeding after calving. David describes how farmers can reduce the time interval between calving and going back in calf.

Newford Farm Beef Yearlings & Suckler Calves Update

Michael Fagan, Teagasc Technician for Newford Farm gives an update on the beef calves and yearlings in the herd. The majority of Newford suckler cows and calves were turned out to grass on the 20th of March and have stay out at grass due to the excellent weather since then.

Newford Beef Demonstration Farm - Breeding Update 2020

Michael Fagan, Teagasc and farm manager Iarlaith Collins, Dawn Meats give an update on the breeding season so far this year in the early maturing herd of Newford Suckler Demonstration Farm in Athenry, Co. Galway.

Michael McManus - Derrypatrick Herd Update

Michael McManus, Research Technician on the Derrypatrick Herd in Teagasc Grange, Co. Meath gives a brief update on the management and performance of the Derrypatrick Herd so far this year.

Dairy Calf to Beef Systems Study Update - Teagasc Grange

Nicky Byrne, Livestock Systems Researcher, Teagasc Grange gives an update on the current dairy calf to beef systems study focusing on animal and grassland performance.

Spring Grassland Management at Teagasc Grange

Edward O'Riordan, Teagasc gives an update on the grass situation at the Teagasc Beef Research Centre in Grange, Co. Meath. Edward explains that it is timely to have a look at our grassland management and also management of our stock.