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Milk Quality

There are two key elements to producing high quality milk:

  1. Producing milk of low somatic cell count (SCC);
  2. Low total bacterial count (TBC).

Low SCC is a reflection of good udder health and mastitis control in the herd.

Low TBC is an indicator of good milking plant hygiene and milk storage.

More information about milk quality can be found in:

  • Milk Quality, Mastitis and SCC (PDF) in Chapter 31 of Teagasc Dairy Manual
  • Milk Quality Handbook  (PDF)
  • Milk Quality and Bacterial Contamination  (PDF)

The Teagasc Dairy Manual chapter 32 has further readings on Improving your Milking Skills and get more from your cows  (PDF, 2.7MB) and Guidelines on minimising TBC in milk (PDF).

The person responsible for milk production on the farm must be aware of all the chemicals that may leave:

  • Residues in Milk in Chapter 33 of the Teagasc Dairy Manual. These include detergents, disinfectants, flukicides and antibiotics.