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What is the average profitability of cattle, sheep and dairy per ha?

The following shows average net profitability for different enterprises from the National Farm Survey. It does not include single farm payment for :
Dairy Cows:  average is 955 on 40 ha 38.187,
Single Suckling:  -96 on 40 ha -3,840,
Cattle Finishing:  -54 on 40 ha -2,147,
Sheep:  118 on 40 ha 4,733,
Spring Barley:  132, on 40 ha 5,293,
Winter Wheat:   315 on 40 ha 12,587.

What is the profitability of the top performing dairy herds?

Top performing dairy herds are exceeding €1,000 profit per cow. At stocking rates of 2.5 cows per ha these farms are generating over €2,500 profit per hectare.

What is a cash flow plan?

One difference noticed by new entrants is the amount of money entering and leaving the farm each month/year. A cash flow plan projects for each month what money will come in and what money will be spent. This is crucial for new entrants; it will show that a plan will work.

How many cows should I milk?

This is the big question! It is different for all new entrants. Cows are needed to generate income for yourself (house and family), to generate income to make repayments (for set up costs) and in some situations to pay for labour. It is only an overall physical farm plan and financial plan for your farm that will answer this question.

What are the factors that make these dairy farms most profitable?

Profit is a combination of output and costs. High profit farms receive a high milk price ( high protein %, high fat % and quality bonus), have good output per cow (kg milk solids), have lower replacement rates and are more highly stocked on the milking platform. All costs are kept under control; the focus is on utilising grass to feed the cow.