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Focus Farms

Focus Farms

The focus farms selected will work towards improving overall farm profitability,sustainability and best practice on their farms in the area of: grassland management, breeding cost control/farm efficiency, milk quality and environmental sustainability.

In order to monitor and demonstrate improvements in these key performance areas, the farms will be required to:

  • Use the Teagasc Cost Control Planner (cash flow budget and monthly recording) or similar cash flow recording system
  • Complete a Teagasc Profit Monitor
  • Measure farm grass cover on a weekly basis and enter data recorded on PastureBaseIreland database
  • Be registered for ICBF HerdPlus
  • Register all calves using Animal Events and record all breeding
  • Carry out pregnancy diagnosis on both cows and heifers and record results on ICBF database
  • Weight replacement stock on three occasions durning the year (spring, summer and autumn)
  • Condition score cows on three occasions durning the year (drying off, calving and breeding)
  • Be a participant in a milk recording scheme (A4, A6 or A8)
  • Complete the Dairy Herd Monitor (monthly)
  • Complete and follow a Nutrient Management Plan/Fertiilser Plan for the farm
  • Apply current research Findings and act on the advice given by the Programme Development Adviser
  • Be a member of his/her local discussion group

The focus farmer will be assisted in completing the tasks listed above by the Programme Development Adviser. In addition a Teagasc technician will be available to assist with the tasks marked.


The demonstration farmer shall make his/her farm available for one public event (open to all farmers) on an annual basis. The farm should be visited by the local discussion group and should be available for visits by other discussion groups within the county/region by prior arrangement. All information to be made available at such events should be agreed between the demonstration farmer, Programme Developmnet Adviser and Teagasc Adviser.


A farm report will be available every month. This will contain the main physical performance indicators for the farms.

This data will be available for all Aurivo suppliers through:

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Aurivo website

An end of year financial report will be produced for each farm. The development farmers should meet as a group two/three times per year.

Region Farmer  
Donegal JKenneth Witherow Dairy farmer
Galway  Daragh Kileen New entrant
Mayo  Oisin Gill Dairy farmer
Roscommon  Michael Coyne Dairy farmer
Sligo Sean Collery Dairy farmer
Sligo Neil Boland Contract rearer