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Programme Outline

The Joint Programme has four pillars:

  1. Discussion groups
  2. Signpost farms
  3. Support farms
  4. Communications/ public events.

Discussion groups are a central part of the Joint Programme. A team of trained and experienced group facilitators will work with their Teagasc adviser colleagues to deliver a high quality learning experience to 75 discussion groups.

The 10 Signpost farms purpose is to support climate action by Irish dairy farmers.  Its main goals are to reduce gaseous emissions from Irish agriculture, while creating more profitable and sustainable farming enterprises.

The 13 Support farms purpose will be to provide an opportunity for targeted workshops for Dairygold suppliers who are currently non-discussion group members and/ or non-clients of Teagasc. The purpose of the workshops will be to provide a learning and development opportunity for the 1,800 Dairygold suppliers who are currently not members of a discussion group. The focus of the workshops will be on improving the technical efficiency of milk production and outlining a road map for sustainable development at farm level.

The workshops will focus on the following areas:

  • Reducing agricultural green house gas and ammonia emissions
  • Improving Water quality
  • Managing biodiverity on farm
  • Breeding and the importance of EBI
  • Animal health and milk quality
  • Soil fertility and Nitrogen use efficiency

 There are public events  each year highlighting the key messages and objectives of the programme.