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Joe Morrissey

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Address:  Rostellan, Midleton, Co Cork

People working on the farm:      

  • Hired: None
  • Family: Joe’s Dad Tom is working on the farm also

Farm size ha:      66.4ha
Stocking rate kg N / ha:  201 kgN/ha 2020
Teagasc Advisor:              Liz Duffy
Main Enterprise:              Dairy and followers
Other Enterprises:           none
Milk solids kg / cow:        443kg/cow sold 2020
No. of Dairy cows:            120 cows

  • Dairy – Herd EBI: €166 2021
  • Replacement heifer EBI: €191 wealing heifers
  • 6 week calving rate: 80% 2021                                     

Soil type: Grey/Brown Podzolic Free draining loam                              
Grass: Grass grown t DM / ha 2020: Started measuring grass in 2021
Full time/ Part-time: Full time farming

  • Parlour: 12 unit Alpha Herringbone
  • Housing: 150 cow cubicles and 50 weanling cubicles
  • Feed Storage: 19tn dairy ration bin, 1 silage slab and 1 concrete silage bale storage
  • Grazing Infrastructure: 12 hour paddock system with central roadways and water supply to all paddocks, multiple gaps

Current Update

Joe Morrissey Farm update April 2022