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Tim Leader

Tim farms at Kilcorney, Rathcoole,Co Cork, with his wife Mary and their children Aoife and John. Patrick Rohan works as a full time farm assistant. He milks 145 dairy cows and runs a calf to store/beef system with the dairy progeny. The farm is up to 700ft above sea level and can be challenging to get cows out to grass in early spring.

Signpost Farm Measures 

Protected Urea: Tim has used Protected Urea fertilizer instead of CAN on his farm since 2019 and finds it very satisfactory. View video from June 2021 below

Breeding: The EBI of the herd is €152 and the 2021 born heifers have an EBI of €211. The dairy herd calving interval is 366 days with an 83% six week calving rate. In 2020, the cows supplied 501 kg milk solids per head.

Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS): Tim bought a trailing shoe slurry tanker.  He spreads 100% of his slurry using the trailing shoe before the end of May. The use of the trailing shoe has allowed Tim to get more slurry out across more of the farm early in the year. 

Soil Fertility: Soil fertility is good, 66% of the whole farm is optimum for pH, P and K and this will be further improved. This will improve Tim’s use of chemical Nitrogen on the farm.

Extended Grazing: Tim is measuring grass on PastureBase Ireland to improve his grassland management and extend his grazing season each year.

Clover: Tim plans to increase the amount of clover in his grassland swards to reduce chemical Nitrogen spread on farm. Tim included 1.5kg/acre of clover into reseeded paddocks in 2021.

Other Actions: Tim planted 2ha of a broadleaf/conifer mixed forest on his farm in 2017. Any trees that failed have been replanted

Protected Urea