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 November 1st 13.32 5.45 4.31 1.3 116 3 938 292 2700 32 41
 Comment 108mm in eight days last week!! As I was away I got the lads to bring in the cows for a few days but in hindsight they could have stayed out. Average farm cover jumped up due to demand being lowered with the cows in. There is now a group of paddocks with covers around 2500 which I don't like having in November, we will give the ground another few days to dry out and then try finish them out.
October 11th 14.7 5.29 4.24 1.4 132 3 846 264 2200 39 52
Comment Put silage back in as we had been taking advantage of the good weather and grazed a little ahead of the Autumn budget. We are on target to graze 70% by the end of October and to come in fully by mid-November, we adjusted the target up slightly for 31/10 due to the percentage of 66% due in Feb. In calf heifers are due to get there second salmonella vaccine and get freeze branded later this week.
October 4th  16 5.15 4.05 1.53 125 3 959 387 2500 39 38
Comment A big shout out to everyone that was there last Friday, a new KPI for dairying - not a sexy topic but a crucial one to get correct as we move forward. Grass growth remains good as soil temperatures continue to stay above normal. We are now into budgeting out the last rotation -  we plan to graze 66% of the platform by the end of October. 
September 27th  16.5 4.92 3.39 1.46 110 2+3 993 309 2400 42 54
Comment  Farm walk Friday 1st of October at 11am pre-booking essential. Still buffer feeding, cover nearly on target, 6.8% of cows stand not in calf after 11 week's breeding. 
 September 20th  17.1 4.84 3.93 1.5 101 2+3 921 287 2200 42 48
Comment Looks like we are at peak grass cover which is at 150/200 behind target so just a matter of stretching it out from the 1st of October, the aim will be to close mid-November at 700 AFC. We will scan the cows on Weds and the heifers on Thursday. We will start spredding whats gathered up in the lagoons since April later in the week or early next week. 
September 13th  17 4.87 3.83 129 129 3 910 283 2000 42 66
Comment Grass continues to build slowely. We will be doing a milk recording on Thursday this week so the recording should be right before we start to dry off first calves in November. 
September 6th  18.01 4.64 3.82 1.53 112 2 823 256 1700 39 43
Comment Moisture an issue again as growth is slowing down due to lack of it. We would expect a bounce when rain comes this week but how much when the year is moving on. Calves will get a dose later in the week and move to another outside block  where they will stay for the rest of the grazing season. 
August 27th 19.66 4.47 3.62 1.64 88 3.0 621 193 1500 39 54
Comment Going with the last round of nitrogen this week (25 units) Cover is still building but hasn't fully caught up yet, we are 239kgs/lu and should be closer to 280 at this stage, the weather and growth will dictate a lot from now on. Finishing new roadway this week and fencing.
August  19.1 4.51 3.59 1.55 99 4 541 158 1500 27 57
Comment Meal has finally been reduced. We are currently trailing targets for build up of Autumn covers so we have to maintain a higher level of feed than liked. Currently the predication is we will be on target by the first of September (280kgs/dm/lu) at current growth rates (57kgs). We are currently putting in roadways and fencing on an outside block to improve. 
August 10th 20.9 4.24 3.54 1.64 87 6+S 480 140 1350 21 47
Comment Growth has come back but will continue to feed strong for another 5 days. We didnt spread any nitrogen since the first rain as there is usually background nitrogen to be able to avoid spreading for approx ten days after the drought breaks. We will now spread a unit a day for the rotation in a blanket application. 
3rd August  20.2 4.27 3.48 1.57 137 6 384 112 1100 21 31
 Comment 34MM of rain last Thursday night has been a help in breaking the drought. We have moved from a 22 day round to a 29 day round since the rain came and upped meal to fill the gap, this should allow us to build back- up covers quickly as Aug is the start of building Autumn covers even before drought. We will spread .8 to 1 unit of nitrogen an acre approx a week after rain as there should be high mineralisation immediately after the first heavy rain.
27th July  20.5 4.17 3.39 1.55 1100 4.6 418 122 1100 27 22
 Comment The very warm and dry weather has crashed growth here, 22 in the last 7 days. Silage is now up to 6kgs a day and meal stays at four to keep demand at 27kgs dm. Some of the second cut was taken last week and some barley straw gathered up for next Spring.
 19th July 20.5 4.17 3.45 1.55 110 4.0 523 152 1100 41 59
Comment  Growth has picked up nicely after last week rain (59) but unfortunately this week's heat will curtail  it very fast. We will maintain the current level of feed until we see cover per cow go back over 180. Enjoy the weather and farm safe.
July 12th 21.57 4.02 3.63 1.70 158 4.0 427 124 1200 41 42
Comment  We've a total of 35mm of rain in the past week so hopefully growth pushes on again but ground here is very dry.  SCC took a funny jump in the last two collections going from 82 to 158 so we need to follow that up. Milk recording done last week. Bord Bia audit this week.
June 28th  22.66 4.37 3.55 1.8 136 4 409 119 1000 41 43
Comment 2kgs of silage is now in the diet alomg with 4kgs of meal to keep demand down. Rain is in the forecast for next weekend so hopefully this is just short lived. Calves are still on 1.25kgs of meal but should be on grass next week.
June 21st 22.0 4.23 3.60 1.75 148 4.0 372 108 1350 48 48
Comment Unfortunately lack of mosistue is starting to bit - grow back to 48 and the gamble of pushing covers low in the last few weeks is biting. After grass is in the budget now but will be a few weeks before being grazed. Back at maintenance work now for the first time since January. Bulls are in with the cows the last two weeks but we are also using AI.
June 14th 24.0 4.15 3.61 1.90 93 2.0 540 110 1500 74 74
Comment  Grass cover very low but can bring in other ground if needed. Breeding seems to be going well. Blanket spread fertiliser every two weeks, 1 unit of nitrogen per day.
June 8th 24.4 4.24 3.61 1.93 127  2.0 858 120 1600 74 70
Comment Silage moving nicely now should be finished this week. Keeping grass quality correct is key now as growth has exceeded demand the last two weeks. We have floored cover per live stock unit with heifers and taking out paddocks in an effort to keep quality correct but the danger is we could go too low.  
June 1st 25.77 4.15 3.67 2.02 143 2.5 674 137 1600 72 88
Comment Excellent growth now - all about trying to keep quality and pre grazing's correct now. Silage is well under way but forecast is all over the place to get a good run at it.  
May 24th 26.73 4.3 3.67 2.13 124 4 634 151 1500 65 71
Comment Story of the week is the weather - no silage cut yet. Grazing conditions are ok, tough some days but full time grazing, we upped the meal for some of the very wet days to maintain intakes.
May 17th 28.98 4.22 3.69 2.16 105 3 679 161 1500 65 85
Comment Growth has finally kicked in 85gdm last week so keeping quality now begins. Breeding is going very well, 86% of all cows and heifers are now served, cows are on day 15 and heifers are on day 13. We used PG to bring forward cows due to cycle in the 3rd week to the second week and observed heifers for 7 days and then used PG
May 10th 27.4 4.13 3.37 2.16 144 2.6 568 130 1500 60 50
Comment Breeding is going well, on target at the moment. All heifer calves are now weaned vaccinated for IBR and clostridia's. The last of this year's beef calves will leave this week.
May 5th 27 3.86 3.68 2.03 115 3.5 566 137 1600 57 52
Comment Breeding started on the 4.5.21. Last cow calved 2.5.21. We will follow the cows with 1 unit of N (Protected urea) for the next 8 weeks before switching back to blanket spreading. Calves that are weined are continuing to get 1.5kgs of meal for the moment.
April 26th 27 3.9 3.58 2.03 87 3.5 589 154 1200 56 50
Comment A little bit of reseeding was completed this week, just disked and one passed in. We took the oppertunity of rain in the forecast to get some lime out on grazing paddocks. We continue to tail paint topped up for pre breeding checks. (msd 04/05/21) The maiden heifers will come back onto the milking platform later this week.    
April 19th 27 3.92 3.6 2.03 87 3.5 500 140 1200 40 30
Comment The first of the heifer calves are now weaned and will get an IBR and blackleg vaccine this week. Maiden heifers are grazing outside blocks at the moment but will be back home in a fortnight for breeding.
April 12th 21.1 4.04 3.58 2.13 87 3.5 625 172 2500 47 29
Comment All cows now tail painted in preparation for the breeding season which is due to start on 04/05/21. All rubber ware on the milking machine will be changed this week and milking machine serviced. All main crop 1st cut is now closed. This week is squeaky bum time in terms of grass growth - we need to keep AFC over 600 so we will do a second farm cover during the week.
April 6th 27.52 4.18 3.56 2.13 105 3.5 581 200 2000 38 27
Comment Tail painting the cows for breeding checks this week, we are going to use Matt Ryans " Why wait" programme this year. We also have a team of bulls picked out and have used sire advice programme in ICBF to match them to cows. The average EBI of this year's team is €300
March 29th 25.4 4.47 3.34 2.01 141 3.5 727 315 1600 26 9
Comment Slurry (watery) is going out on 22% of MP this week. Nitrogen has been brought up to a total of 60 units of protected urea on the MP ( this is a combination of organic and chemical). Routine paring of any problem cows feet this week. Maiden Heifers are out and well settled.
March 22nd 29.6 4.36 3.4 2.09 106 3.5 727 315 1600 26 9
Comment We will go back at slurry this week, 30% of MP got some 3 weeks ago, we plan on covering another 25% this week. March has been slow and stedy with calving but getting there.  We held off on letting the maiden heifers out until this week. We also started closing some silage ground over the last week - silage for early cutting, only got 60units of nitrogen plus P and K, main cut will get 90 units.
March 15th 26  4.6  3.54  2.12  151  3.5  727  315  1600  21 
Comment We got caught with the weather Friday night and did a bit of harm in the paddock. Full graze outs are difficult at the moment. Cows stayed in Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. We are now over 50% grazed but growth has been a little slow.  
March  8th 26.17  4.95  3.64  2.24  783000  3.5  976  539  1000  21 
Comment We only has 11% grazed on the 28th of Feb but we are now up to 30%. We will continue to go fast as possible for another week and then access the grass situation again. Calving has now slowed down as we transition to beef bulls over the last week  
March 1st  22.6  5.3  3.8  2.05  167000  976  539 1000  17 
Comment  Switched to twice a day milking on 22nd Feb 2021. Slurry has finally started to go out using a trailing shoe. Protected urea with slupher and selenium is being spread on the grazing latform at 40units/acre. Calving has gone very well with 68% calved now. Beef calves are moving nicely at the moment with over 100 gone at this stage.  

Updates 2020

Week StartLitres/ CowFat %Protein %SCCkg MS/CowMeal kg/cow/dayAverage Farm CoverCover/LUPre Grazing Yield kg DMDemand/Ha

Growth Ratekg DM/Ha

Feb 22nd 23 4.64 3.44 82 1.90 5


472 2500 12 3

Cows out any days we can for 3 hours, ground very tricky. Calving going well, we started calving on the 25th January and have 66% calved today. First lot of bull calves left the Farm last week. We have a lot of heifer calves this year 60:40 We have 2500gals of slurry out on a third of the farm. No chemical fertiliser spread yet.  

 Nov 2nd 14.85 5.07 4.18 115 1.37 4


254 1500 14 10

Weanling heifers were housed last Friday before the rain at the weekend. Cows going out for a few hours during the day when suitable.

Oct 26th 14.9 5.08 4.22 111 1.39 4


236 1600 14 15

Farm has grown 13TDm/ha to date with 205 kgs nitrogen per ha spread. The annual TB test was carried out during the week and all was clear. In-calf heifers were housed.

Oct 19th  14.1 5.07 4.21 79 1.31 4


265 1500 14 28

60% of Farm closed. Cows are in at night. Milk yield has dropped slightly. Milk recordings this week to pick cows for sealer only treatment at drying off. Will do sensitivity analysis on milk to see what antibiotics work best.  

 Oct 12th 18 4.7 4.23 91 1.61 4


260 1600 19 17

Cows were put in at night during the week and will probably stay in at night from now on. Ground conditions are very tricky. Last of the slurry going out anywhere its dry enough to travel.  

 Oct 5th 18.15 4.54 4.08 115 1.56 3Kgs


306 1800 40 30

Farm cover has dropped back this week so will go in with 8kgs dm silage. 60mm of rain fell in the past week. Will have to look at putting cows in at night.

Sept 28th  17.4 4.67 4.01 90 1.51 3Kgs


365 1800 40 44

Concreate work completed on new shed. Calves got their 3rd dose.  

 Sept 21st 18.87 4.36 3.81 97 1.54 3kgs


358 1500 29 59

Farm cover on target now so silage has been removed from diet. Will continue to allocate grass to cows in 12 hour blocks.

 Sept 14th 17.9 4.54 3.38 100 1.5 4


298 1500 29 50

Cows got their salmonella vacinne. Incalf heifers got their first shot for solmonella. Last month of fertiliser spread got 20 units of protected urea. Will follow cows with slurry from now on.

 Sept 7th 17 4.55 3.84 108 1.42 3+5kg


271 1700 29 46

Average farm cover below target, feeding silage and meal to build grass for the next two weeks. Need some dry weather? Ground has got very sticky. Scanned cows and heifers, 6% of cows not in calf after 12 weeks breeding. 11% of heifers NIC. Weighed weanlings on the 12th of August, 170kg average weight, on target.

 Aug 31st 18.65 4.64 3.74 137 1.56 3


252 1500 45 59

Got 6ha of grass sowed at the weekend. Couple of paddocks that were to be cut a couple of weeks ago were done at the weekend.

Aug 24th  19.94 4.39 3.64 77 1.52 2.5


257 1800 45 74

Ground conditions have deteriorated a lot in the last week. Utilisation has been very poor. Have some surplus to take out when conditions allow.

 Aug 17th 20.54 4.06 3.66 88 1.59 1.8


236 1650 54 90

Growth has slipped back a good bit this week. 6ha out for reseeding hoping to sow this week. New shed being erected this week. Weighed heifers and calves last week and put under target in separate group.

Aug 10th  20.47 4.12 3.63 91 1.59 1.8


238 1600 47 86

Stocking rate at 2.7LU per hectare. 15 acres taken out for reseeding. 10 acres taken out surplus bales. Will weigh calves this week. Autumn grass budget completed.

 Aug 3rd 20.72 4.1 3.71 91 1.62 1.8


195 1400 54 79

Good grass growth here with growth ahead of demand. The tanks have been completed in the new cubicle shed. A few changes are being made to the old shed to incorporate it into the new build.

July 27th 22.22 4.07 3.64 64 1.72 1.8


195 1500 53 71

Weighed all cows, they had an average weight of 540kgs. Good growth at 71kgsdm/ha. Have a couple of paddocks to take out as surplus soon as the weather allows. Ground conditions starting to turn a little bit soft. 

July 20th  21.89 4.17 3.68 143 1.72 1.8


207 1500 53 80

Breeding has finished now and will scan in 25 days time. New section of roadway put in during the week which will take cows off the public road apart from crossing it. Second cut silage was done last week in ideal conditions, should have enough silage in the yard for the Winter at this stage.

July 14th  22.8 4.37 3.59 97 1.82 2


223 1400 53 76
Comment  Growth ahead of demand still, will target some paddocks for surplus bales. Planned to cut silage last weekend but was too high in nitrogen, will test it again this week and cut before the weekend if its ok. Bulls will be removed this week from cows, after 12 weeks of breeding.
 July 7th 21.4 4.43 3.61 61 1.72 2 556 195 1400 50 73
Comment  Growth holding well ay 73kgsdm/ha. Gave cows a worm dose. Calves and in calf heifers got their first worm dose of the year.
 June 30th 24.6 4.19 3.62 69 1.92 2 493 147 1500 50 60
 Comment Growth ahead of demand again and we took out the surplus paddocks, have some to take out when weather allows. Some topping behind the cows will correct grass quality for next round. Going to spray some of the surplus paddocks before cutting.
June 22nd  24.36 4.14 3.69 53 1.91 2.5 905 319 1400 39 102
 Comment Massive jump in growth with the rain, 102kg recorded. Will take out some surplus paddocks when weather allows. Milk recording results came back with 8% of the herd over 200 SCC will have a closer look at these cows results with the vet and see whats the best plan for them going forward.
 June 15th 26.5 4.07 3.64 54 2.1 2.5 621 244 1600 38 50
 Comment Rain at the weekend was very welcome, grass quality not what we would like but the cows are very content and lucky to have grass on the farm. Increased the pre grazing yield two weeks to 1600 by grazing and pre mowing paddocks intended for bailing. Plan on taking out paddocks and have a lot of stem at the base. Following cows with 20 units of fertilizer. All first and second calves dosed this week with a non-milk withdrawel wormer.
June 8th 26.36 3.91 3.6 82 1.98 6 648 219 1250 32 45
 Comment Stock bulls going with cows this week. Resurfacing some roadways. Growth still very poor at 45kg DM ha.
 June 2nd 27 3.99 3.57 70 2.03 6 576 194 1300 32 48
 Comment Growth very restrictedat 48kgs/ha, Farm cover has increased some bit. Last of the cut was done during the wek. Going to spread half the fertilizer for second cut and wait for rain before ntopping it up. Cows still milking well at just over 2kgs of solids
 May 25th 27.83 3.96 3.56 76 2.09 6 + 6 484 119 1300 33 70
Comment Will feed 6kg meal. 6kg grass per head. Got a bounce in growth but predicting it will fall again with no rain forecast. Cutting silage this week, weighed 16 ton fresh weight per ha. Lighter claves separated out and will run two groups of calves for the summer.  
 May 18th 27.18 4.07 3.58 44 2.08 3 355 97 1100 62 24
 Comment Growth has basically stopped - baled silage will be increased more this week. Cows will get 5kg DM grass per head per day. Some of the first cut silage was done during the week. Putting in some extra roadways throughout the farm. 94% cows served in the first 3 weeks of breeding.
May 11th  27 4.11 3.55 59 2.08 2.5 602 164 1400 62 60
 Comment 18 days into breeding - 83% served. Only 2 heifers not served - will let off the stock bull with them this week. Calves got mineral bolus and dose for coccidiosis. Farm cover has dropped to 602 and there are a lot of light covers ahead. Going to introduce a 3kgDM buffer of beet/ oats mix and baled silage.
 May 4th 28.8 3.94 3.54 55 2.16 2.5 646 162 1400 68 87
 Comment 11 days into breeding 52% of cows served. On target for 90% submission rate in first 3 weeks. 85% of heifers served. Good growth this week so have taken out some more paddocks as bales - these were cut on Monday 4th May. 10 calves left to wean - the rest are all out to grass now. They will get a mineral blous this week.
 April 27th 29.49 3.96 3.57 76 2.22 2.5 609 156 1400 64 71
 Comment Second milk recording for the year carried out. Skipped some paddocks for silage and brought stock rate up to 3.9Lu/Ha. Started breeding on Thursday 23rd April. Any cows that were not seen cycling were scanned - most of them were in heat. A couple were dirty and had to be washed out. Going to synchronise the heifers and use sexed semen on them.
 April 20th 29.50 4.19 3.46 54 2.26 3.0 714 213 1400 55 54
Comment  Growth slipped back a good bit this week due to heavy frost over a few nights. Following cows with 23units of protected urea/acre. Fencing contractor is in tidying up fences.
 April 13th 29.70 4.37 3.52   2.34 3 723 216 1400 55 64
 Comment Started second rotation while still grazing first rotation to transition cows into that lush grass. First batch of calves weaned - anything over 90kgs were pulled out. Pre-breeding looks good so far - plenty of cows cycling, any cows not showing heat at the end of the three weeks will be scanned. Silage ground will be sprayed for docks this week. Will close off more ground for silage as growth increases.
 April 6th 27.60 4.39 3.42   2.10 3 683 323   29 21
 Comment Cows got Bolus and their Lepto vaccine. Heifers got second shot of Lepto. Some silage ground closed up and fertiliser spread. Cows all tail painted for pre-breeding. Bulls picked out and Sire advice ran.
 March 30th 27.3 4.40 3.44   2.15 3.5 811 384 2500 29 20
 Comment Cows have slipped back a bit this week - grazing heavier covers and making them work harder. Getting super clean outs with the dry weather. Plenty of grass on the farm still - will continue to graze first round until the first paddocks grazed have a cover of 1200 or more on it - will skip some paddocks then if we need to. Got 18-6-12 out on any paddock that had got no fertiliser to date. Down to 8% of cows left to calf.
March 23rd  27.8 4.89 3.21   2.13 4 915 420 2000 36 12
 Comment Cows are out full time again. Maiden heifers are turned out as well. Going with 18's on low index fields when conditions allow.
 March 16th 26.5 4.51 3.23   2.05 7 871 400   36 12
 Comment Cows back in full time again with ground conditions gone terrible. Protein has taken a hit and yield has dropped as well. Grass growth is not too bad - fields that got slurry in January have responded very well. The wet fields that got nothing are gone backwards.
 March 9th 26.6 4.7 3.36   2.14 6          
 Comment Cows have been out grazing most days this week - going out for 3hrs after evening milking and back in again. Conditions have not improved so only getting out for 3hrs during the day also. First milk recording was completed this week. Slurry was spread using the umbilical & trailing shoe system this week - very good response from what was spread in January with this system. 1 bag/acre of protected urea spread on any fields that were dry enough to travel.
 March 2nd 24.7 4.42 3.27   1.9 7          
Comment  80% calved in 5 weeks, gone very slow now. Maidens got their shot of lepto. Only got out for one grazing this week, ground conditions very poor. Silage is getting tight so have introduced beet to stretch it out a bit.
 February 24th 23 4.37 3.36   1.8 6 717   800    
 Comment Cows housed full time again on silage & 6kg of concentrates. Didn't get a chance to leave the cows out grazing last week due to poor weather conditions. Only 4% out of the 30% target grazed for February so far. 74% of cows calved in toatl to date.
February 17th           717    800   
Comment Cows housed full time again on silage and 6kg of concentrates. 65% calved in just over 3 weeks with no major issues. First lot of bull calves have been sold - more to go next week.  
February 10th           717    800   
Comment Grazing .6 of a Hectare per day. Need 30% Grazed by the end of February. 2500 gallons of slurry per acre spread on 50% of the farm since January. The rest of the farm will get 23 units of protected Urea per acre. 50% of cows calved.


Updates 2020

Week StartMilk kg / dayFat %Protein %Milk solids/day kgSCCMeal kg/cow/dayAverage Farm CoverCover/cowPre Grazing Yield kg DMDemand kg DM/Ha

Growth Rate kg DM/Ha

Feb 22nd   5.81 3.84   270 3 980  



No slurry or chemical fertiliser yet, hoping to move end of the week, weather permitting. Just past half way through calving which is going well. First of Bull calves sold last week. Well behind on grazing targets but no damage done, hopefully out in full by end of this week or early next week.

Nov 2nd  13.2 5.49 4.27 1.27 106 3 736 245


22 29

Cows are in now full time since last Saturday. Yearlings now grazing heavy covers that are too far away for cows.

 Oct 26th 13.93 5.41 4.25 155 1.35 3 + 6 650 217


22 30

Cows are in by night now but should stay out by day for another three weeks. We will do a milk recording next week before we start to dry off lighter cows. Dung was spread in the last week. Salmonella vacinne is being given this week.

Oct 19th  16.9 5.07 4.32 1.6 120 3 + 2 663 221


33 26

Cover has dropped too fast so silage has gone back in to slow cows down. Ground conditions have got tricky this week so strip wire has gone back up. There is enough grass on outside blocks to keep in calf heifers and calves out till December. 

 Oct 12th 18.2 5.08 4.27 1.7 186 3 812 271


42 44

Finishing off last of slurry this week. Meal being introduced to calves this week. Continuing to foot bath the cows as they are doing long walks.

 Oct 5th 17.4 5.01 4.2 1.6 127 3Kgs 893 298


34 42

Started closing this Monday gone. Strip wires aren't up but very close to being even on a dry farm. Calves back on meal.  

 Sept 28th 18.17 4.94 4.03 1.63 116 3 + 4 Kgs 914 305


34 56

Silage will stay in this week but as we start to close from next Monday we will remove it. Target is to graze and close 3.1H a day from then until the end of October. Yields have held up very well through September.

 Sept 21st 18.36 4.68 3.9 1.6 154 3 + 5 kgs 825 2.75


34 60

Will feed silage for another week and cover should be back on target then. Will start closing paddocks from the 1st of October. 11 ton of grass dry matter per hectare grown to date. 318kgs of milk solids per cow delivered to end of August.  

Sept 14th   18.44 4.74 3.89 1.6 140 3 + 4 667 222


34 52

Silage will remain in this week to build covers. The last piece of reseeding was done on Monday. Interesting look at multi species swards in Moorpark (Curtins) last week.  

 Sept 7th 20.1 4.54 3.92 1.7 79 1.7 600 200


34 54

Meal up so silage introduced, average farm cover behind target so increased the silage (4kgs) meal is up to (3kgs). Scanning cows (7.5% empty) Third cut of silage finished in-between showers at the weekend. Tidy up of straw done this week.

 Aug 31st 19.56 4.51 3.80 1.63 126 2 700 270


45 61

All stock bar cows are off the milking platform this week, which has brought demand down to 45. Final scan on cows later this week. Last round of nitrogen will be spread later this week on mp.

 Aug 24th 19.97 4.49 3.71 1.64 150 2 744 246


54 63

Calves were weighed today and they continue to do well so we will hold off feeding meal for another while. We also took a DNA sample from the calves which will be gnomically tested, this is to increase the overall reliability of our herds EBI. Liners were changed last week.

Aug 17th  21.48 4.23 3.71 1.71 167 2 808 268


54 90

Reducing meal to 2kg. Grass on target for Autumn. 2% of heifers empty after 9 weeks breeding. Milking machine serviced last week. Fly repellent will be applied to cows and heifers this week.

Aug 10th  20.7 4.31 3.66 1.65 103 3 632 207


49 69

Covers are starting to come in line with target and we would expect by next week we will be on target. 30 units per acre of protected urea were blanket spread last week. Any chance we get at the moment is either spent getting sheds ready for next Winter or fencing some of the new ground that has come in.

Aug 3rd  21 4.32 3.68 1.7 107 3 508 156


53 66

Increased meal because average farm cover was behind target on the 1st of Aug. Only Cows on the milking platform by middle of August. Bulls taken away from the cows on the 27th of July and cows will be scanned on the 8th/9th of September. Heifers are due to be scanned on the 12th of August. Bord Bia audit due next week.

July 27th  23 4.14 3.68 1.8 84 1.5 557 171


57 68

Three paddocks have to be taken out this week to keep the grass quality correct. predicted growth is ahead of normal for the time of year so as we move into August building covers look like it will be an easy job at present. A reseed that was sown on the fourth of May which has struggled to germinate until the rain came in June has really flown since and was grazed last week by the calves.

July 20th  22.97 4.22 3.7 1.82 102 1.5 614 176


60 70

Busy week getting second cut out of the way. Bulls due to be removed from cows next Monday 27th July.

July 14th  21.9 4.38 3.59 1.75 122 1.5 651 174


65 68
 Comment Went through the calves to separate out the light ones during the week and only got five so we decided to lave them all as one group and look at them again in a months time, they are fully off meal the last three weeks. Bulls were taken from heifers last week and only two weeks left to go with the cows.
July 7th  22.6 4.35 3.61 1.8 93 2 609 162 1550 64 66
 Comment Will cut second cut of silage this week. Grass seeds sown 4th of May have come on well since the rain and will be sprayed this week. I.B.R vaccine will be given to all animals this week. Will stop breeding heifers this week (9 weeks breeding)
 June 30th 23.63 4.41 3.62 1.84 66 3 584 156 1400 60 66
 Comment Growth of 66 this week so silage gone (only fed for 3 days last week), meal down to three kg and should drop to two later in the week. Some paddocks have needed a tidy up with a little mowing (mostly cosmetic) but quality is very good overall after the draught. Scanned the cows last week and 14 needed some attention but in calf rates look good so far (67%) in calf at 27 days) Some routine hoof pairing this week and holidays being taken as well.
 June 22nd 24.75 4.19 3.6 1.93 112 4.5 + 6 511 136 1000 35 62
Comment  Got 60ml of rain in the last two weeks. Leaving silage in for a few more days to allow grass cover to build. Will split calves this week, stronger calves will get no meal, they are on after grass. Will start spreading fertilizer again. The milking platform will be blanket spread with a bag of 18-6-12 a/c. The silage ground will get second application of fertilizer to top up 70 units per ac.
 June 15th 24.54  4.36  3.6  1.95  84  4.5  298  79  950  35  25 
 Comment starting to feel like a broken record as we still wait for enough rain to break the drought. We continue to hold a 24 day round and supplement with 4.5kg of meal and 6kgs of silage. Breeding has now moved into the 3rd three week, the hope would be that we will not see any more than an average of 2.5 cows a day cycling which should see us with 84% of cows calved in 6 weeks and with the heifers front loaded we should have 90% calved in 6 weeks in 2021. We will scan all cows served more than 28days next week. 
 June 8th 25.1 4.15 3.59 1.9 86 4.5+6 384 102 1000 35 21

We’ve only had 52mm of rain here since the middle of march and its really hitting growth now, however the forecast is for rain and it’s still early enough in the season to make up a lot of the lost ground, the big thing for us is to keep paddocks clean and skint so that when growth pushes on there will be very little tidying up to do on them. One problem with silage supplementation is the risk of mastitis and we had one case of e-coli today.

June 2nd 24.3  4.14  3.55  1.9  95  4.5  558  1.38  1000  38  49 
 Comment Feeding 6kg of silage. 97% of cows served in 28 days. Will start using beef AI this week.    
May 25th 25.1 4.31 3.59 108 1.95 4.5 480 119 1300 38 33
Comment  21 days of breeding are now completed and 85% of the cows are served. We had 15mm of rain last week but this disappeared very quickly
May 18th  25.10  3.99 3.6 108  1.91  4.5  543  123  1300  41  37 
 Comment  Two weeks of breeding are now completed and 56% of cows and 75% of heifers are served - two AA Bulls are now running with the heifers. Growth continues to decline, so we have increased supplements to 4.5kgs meal and 6kgs DM of silage. As a way of trying to cut demand we have also reintroduced one silage field that the heifers will graze.
 May 11th 25.63 4.13 3.53 74 1.96 4.5 592 129 1350 58 71
 Comment Drought starting to bite, cover per cow and average farm cover are now below target. We have upped meal by 2kgs and will start feeding silage on Tuesday 12th of May. We will start cutting the first cut of silage later this week. Breeding is going well so far with 29% of the cows served and 60% of heifers served as of Monday. We scanned all of the cows that didn't show a pre-breeding heat on day three of breeding and it went ok with the only intervention being to put a few cows on OAD.
 May 4th 27.2 3.89 3.55 47 2.08 2.5 736 143 1500 82 82
 Comment 3 paddocks were taken out for bales this week (9Ha) and another 4.5Ha was reseeeded with an Erth drill. Breeding season began on Monday 4th of May for the cows and we have started the heifers since Sunday - we use tail paint on the cows and scratch cards on the heifers. The cows will be AI'd for 7days - any not breed will be shortcycled with estruamate on day 7.
 April 27th 28.75 3.72 3.49 67 2.07 2.5 753 170 1550 71 78
 Comment Growth is keeping up very well considering how dry it has been and should push on further with the rain this week. Cows will start their 3rd round on the paddocks of the milking platform this week. Calves are being vaccinated with IBR marker live and dosed with Cydectin LA this week. Over the last week we have been spraying silage ground for docks and spot spraying around the MP.
 April 20th 28.76 3.96 3.52 102 2.15 2.5 667 164 1500 66 57
 Comment Growth could slow down this week if the current forecast of dry weather carries through. If some of the current paddocks were in a later round we would have to skip and take out as the quality wouldn't be good enough but with the forecast we will continue to graze them even if they go up to 1650kgDM/ha. The first of the calves have gone out since this morning (Monday). We have sarted to follow the cows with 30units of protected urea with Sulphur and Selenium.
 April 13th 28.50 3.86 3.52 83 2.10 4 656 180 1500 51 54

Unfortunately we missed the rain on Sunday which would have driven on growth. We have started to close silage on the MP and stocking rate is now 3.6Lu/Ha. maiden heifers will be back in a few days and stocking rate should be increased to 4.2Lu/Ha. We usually aim to stock at 4.6Lu/Ha between late April and early June (plus taking out supluses) but dropping back very quickly to 3.6Lu/Ha as dry weather can become an issue most years from this time on. Cows were all tail painted Tuesday morning. The lagoon is being emptied this week using the trailing shoe. 

 April 6th 28.10 4.14 3.36 79 2.11 4 550 212 1400 34 35
 Comment Growth has no passed out demand and hopefully the 20mm of rain should help drive it on. We took silage out of the diet last week and increased the meal from 3.8kg to 5kg in anticipation of growth moving on. With today's growth rate we have put meal back to 4kg. Up until now it has only been cows on the milking platform but over the next 2 weeks we will bring back the maiden heifers and let calves out and close more ground at home for silage with the aim to run demand at 78 (4.6Lu/Ha) until early June. We will tail paint the cows next week and start recording heats in the run up to planned mating start date of 4th May 2020.  
 March 30th 25.2 4.14 3.44   1.95 3.8 507 204 1800 25 22
 Comment Weather has moved graze outs into excellent category even on heavy paddocks. 2nd round is due to start next Monday 6th April - there's currently just over 1000kgs DM on this paddock but growth needs to push on. Average Farm Cover is the engine that drives growth and needs to be minded over the next couple of weeks. Following all protocols at this tough time on the farm with regards to Covid-19. The first of the heifers should be weaned in two weeks' time also.
 March 23rd 24.5 4.35 3.36   1.95 3.8 522 210 1840 25 14
 Comment Reaching squeaky bum time as we get closer to magic day - growth needs to step up a gear. Cows are grazing the furthest paddocks at night but round conditions have improved just in time as all the heavier / wetter paddocks have still to be grazed. With the weather improving and calving easing off, we are starting to catch up on a few 'long finger' jobs such as fencing and picking stones. Pressure in the calving and calf sheds is going down and as we are at an average of two calving's a day and calves continue to be sold.
 March 16th 24 4.68 3.49   1.99 3.8 813 352 1300 23 12
 Comment 85% calved now. 25% of the lighter maiden heifers are out 2 weeks now and doing well, the rest are due to go out later this week. Grass measuring every week from now on and adjustments will be made based on average farm cover (the engine to drive growth in early April). Protected Urea with Sulphur and Selenium is going out this week and 18s where needed.
 March 9th 24 4.63 3.65 95 2.04 3.8 1034 521 1100 23 12
 Comment SCC down to 95 after a bumpy start. Have managed to keep grass in the diet for every milking but it hasn't been easy. Fresh mob don't go out to grass on bad days. Going to work out what fertiliser we need for the next month and have it ready for when the weather changes. Gone past 75% calved at this stage and calf health has continued to be good so far - touch wood!
 March 2nd 20.5 4.58 3.69   1.7 4 1034 521 1100 17 12
 Comment Very difficult week just gone, cows have still been out day & night for a least period of time. 21% grazed in February. Meal upped to 4kgs just to keep up energy and intakes - grass budget would say we don't need it but weather says otherwise. 65% calved but have gone very slow now.
February 24th            3 1048   1100   10
 Comment Cows are out day and night (high percentage of this farm is very dry). Spur roads are in use to access back of paddocks and cows are getting twelve hour grazings. Herd running in two mobs (colostrum and tank). Back milking twice a day (tank mob) last week. Bull calves started leaving this week at three weeks.
February 17th           1050    1200     
Comment 40% of herd calved. Due to weather it is a real struggle to get through the target percentages with grazing but will continue 'to on/off graze' and see how it goes. All cows are milked 30 minutes after calving and 3 litres of colostrum bottle fed to calves. 
February 10th            1050 (opening)    1200 
Comment Calving now going full bore with 19% calved by calving due date 10th Feb. Cows being milked once a day until last week of February. Ground that could be travelled (85%) has now got either slurry or 23 units of protected Urea per acre. Cows out every day but on bad days only 3 hours No young stock out yet. 

Updates 2019

Week StartLitres/ CowFat %Protein %SCCkg MS/CowMeal kgAverage Farm CoverCover/LUPre Grazing YieldDemand/Ha

Growth Rate/Ha

9th Sep 18.7 4.57 3.86 - 1.58 1.5 806 288 1800 45 57
16th Sep 18.0 4.68 3.92 - 1.55 2.0 680 246 1500 45 47
23rd Sep 18.75 4.64 4.01 - 1.62 2.5 867 314 1800 44 71
30th Sep 17.9 4.89 3.80 - 1.56 2.5 789 286 1800 44 54
7th Oct 17.25 4.80 4.17 - 1.55 2.5 762 333 1500 38 35
14th Oct 16.0 4.92 4.17 - 1.49 2.5 555 243 1800 38 34
21st Oct 14.58 4.97 4.25 - 1.34 3.5 470 206 1800 38 19
4th Nov 14.42 5.00 4.15 165 1.32 4.0 350 700 - 10
11th Nov 12.5 5.28 4.2 - 1.18 4.0 - - - - -



  • 9th Sep - Getting field ready for reseeding. Putting new road way in for cows. Heifers got first shot of Salmonella Vaccine. Scanned cows and heifers.
  • 16th Sep - Grass seeds sown. Average farm cover is behind target and will introduce 4kg of silage DM this week per cow. May introduce a buffer to build farm cover. Scanning results: 9% of cows scanned were not in calf. 5% of heifers scanned were not in calf. Spread 30units of protected Urea per acre last week.
  • 23rd Sep - All cows vaccinated for Salmonella last week. Calves dosed with Albes. Great growth last week, cover is now on target.
  • 30th Sep - In calf heifers got a worm dose. Ground conditions getting very tricky. Good growth still but utilisation is poor. 
  • 7th Oct - In-calf heifers housed due to ground conditions. Cows still out day and night getting 4kgs DM of silage after evening milking.
  • 14th Oct - Last of the slurry put out with umbilical and trailing shoe. All paddocks grazed since 5th October now closed for spring.
  • 21st Oct - Cows housed at night. In-calf heifers got second shot of salmonella. Still managing to get cows out during the day, bit of damage around gaps but manageable. In the process of putting in extra cubicles using precast beds as a temporary measure for this year.
  • 4th Nov - All stock now housed. Closing cover below target. Extra stock on the farm because of TB restrictions. Will start drying off this week. Completed last milk recording last week.
  • 11th Nov - Completing a milk culture test on some high SCC cows. Going to try selective dry cow therapy on some cows that had low SCC all year. Farm grew 12tons/DM/Ha for the year.

Updates 2019

Week StartLitres/ CowFat %Protein %SCCkg MS/CowMeal kgAverage Farm CoverCover/LUPre Grazing YieldDemand/Ha

Growth Rate/Ha

9th Sep 18 4.55 3.77 - 1.5 2 618 219 1400 29 41
16th Sep 17.0 4.69 3.8 - 1.45 4.0 692 245 1600 27 48
23rd Sep 16.8 4.82 3.86 - 4.41 3.0 740 268 1850 29 43
30th Sep 15.6  4.87  3.94  1.37  2.75  910  329  1850  26  58 
7th Oct 14.2  5.34  4.21  1.36  3.0  1072  392  2000  44  56 
14th Oct 14.0  5.41  4.21  1.32  2.75  1047  386  2480  36  41 
21st Oct 13.6  5.56  4.33  1.35  2.75  898  331  2500  36  38 
4th Nov 13.0 5.45 4.50 181 1.30 2.7 759 280  1900 36 21
11th Nov  12.5  5.53  4.44  1.25  2.75  558  206  3000  26  22 



  • 9th Sep - SCC – 57,000. All grass got 30 units/ac N to build cover (protected urea). 6Kg silage added to diet to slow up rotations.
  • 16th Sep - Meal gone up to 4kg in attempt to build covers. Cold nights have meant growth still hasn’t bounced so still only @48kg DM/ha with the calendar working against us. AFC 692 which was up from 618 last week.
  • 23rd Sep - 74.5mm rain in 30hours over the weekend (hopefully get a good kick from it). All in calf heifers vaccinated for Salmonella this week. Last scan to be done this week. Great meeting everyone at the ploughing last week. 
  • 30th Sep - 111mm of rain in the last 8 days (strip wires in use). First salmonella vaccine was given to in calf heifers last week. Cows only 8%empty and on first glance we’re on target for 90% plus in six weeks (happy days T.G.). Switched to milking three times over two days last week to conserve B.C.S.(This is a first for us so we’ll hold on before saying what we think).
  • 7th Oct - Grass back on target, started to close off paddocks for next spring. Need to graze 2.5Hectares per day to get 70% grazed before early November. Still milking 3 times every 2 days because Cows have to walk a long distance.
  • 14th Oct - Over 200mm in the last 16 days (wires all in use) Tip Toe Time. 2nd Salmonella vaccine given to in-calf heifers and cows will get boost this week. Grazing out tight has been hard between building covers with silage and now weather conditions but perseverance now will pay off. Doing a sensitivity test on milk to see which dry cow tubes to use this week. Calves on 1kg of meal for the last week. Feeding 1kg of silage to cows per day.
  • 21st Oct - A good week in forecast so we should get residuals nailed fairly good. AFC and % grazed are on target buts needs to be kept a close eye on as next year starts now. BCS of cows also needs to be closely watched now due to very long walks and even with good roads feet come under a lot of pressure at this time of the year. Calves were weighed today and dung samples taken to see what worm burden they have. They have done well and there are only a few that need extra attention. They have only received two doses so far this year.
  • 4th Nov - Calves are in now since Saturday. Cows will probably stay out full time for another week, and then fully come in depending on A.F.C. Ground conditions are extremely trying. In calf heifers should stay out another 3 weeks on an outside block.
  • 11th Nov - Closing now, cover has dropped slightly below where we wanted – looks like we will only open at 900kgs/ha instead of 1000kg/ha at the moment it’s early to be fully closed. First of the heifers and light cows will go dry next week. Calves are dosed and weighed. Every paddock will be soil tested this week. Had to leave 1 paddock of cover 3000kg/ha due to it being too wet – will take it out at some stage.