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Francis Nolan - Muckalee, North Kilkenny

Teagasc Glanbia Future Farm Focus

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  • Francis, a new entrant to dairying, is farming 70 Ha near Coolcullen, Co. Kilkenny, of which 4Ha is rented. 
  • In 2019 he milked 130 cows and he had 50 replacement units. The plan for the farm is to milk about 130 cows and keep 40 replacement units.
  • The calving interval is 371 days with 80% calving in 6 weeks.

Farm Update

Francis Nolan Video Management Hints

Autumn build up of grass on heavy land- Francis Nolan Teagasc Glanbia Future Farm Kilkenny summary.

Overview of the farm

This video gives an overview of the farm & farm system. Francis explains his plans to do more reseeding over the next few years as well as improving soil fertility. Francis joined the Programme to grow more grass, improve soil fertility, while becoming more efficient & sustainable in the future.

Updates from Previous Years

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