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Jack and Larry Kearney - Rathcormack, Co. Cork

Teagasc Tirlan Future Farm

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  • Jack is farming in Rathcormac in East Cork in partnership with his parents Larry & Annette. They are farming 78 Ha of which 44 Ha are owned.
  • In 2023 they milked 160 cows & have 40 replacement heifers.
  • The calving interval is 374 days with a 88% six week calving rate.

In the video below Jack Kearney outlinines the importance of doing the 1st grass walk of 2023 and the decisions he makes from it.

Farm Update

Kearney Farm Update - Week of 23rd February 2024

Kearney Farm Update - Week of 23rd February 2024

Average Farm Cover: 990
Growth Rate: 16
% Calved: 
% Grazed: 20
Meal Kg: 3
Litres/Cow: 22
Fat %: 5
Protein %: 3.57
MS/Cow: 1.94
SCC: 198


Overview of Kearney Farm

Jack Kearney gives an overview of the farm, he is farming in partnership with his parents Larry and Annette. He also outlines the sustainability issues they will be undertaking

Early Grass Management on the Kearney Farm - March 2022

Jack Kearney Teagasc Glanbia Future Farm Cork - Review of 2020

Jack Kearney, Glanbia Future Farm Cork gives us a review of the 2020 season.

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