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John Ryan - Gortnahoe, Co. Tipperary

Teagasc Tirlan Future Farm

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  • John is farming with his father Tom near Gortnahoe in Co. Tipperary. They are farming 81 Ha.
  • In 2023 they milked 140 cows & reared 30 replacement units.
  • John had 14% of his milking platform with multi species reseeds. All other reseeds are perennial rye grass and white clover.

March Update

Current Farm Update

John Ryan Farm 16th November 2023

John Ryan Farm 16th November 2023

  • Milk litres/Day: 11.5
  • Fat %: 5.66
  • Protein %: 4.29
  • Milk Solids/Day kg: 1.17
  • SCC: 167           
  • Meal Kg: 1
  • Average Farm Cover: 592
  • Cover per cow: 137
  • Growth Rate: 10
  • Demand: 43


    • Grass grown year to date is 11.3 T DM/ha on milk platform.
    • Total Chemical Nitrogen spread 176 kgs N/ha + parlour washings on milk platform alone.
    • Cows closest to drying off getting 1kg meal.
    • Two reseeds done this year are closed up till spring, too wet for grazing.


Overview of the farm

This video gives an overview of the farming system. John explains that the farm used to be drystock & tillage but he switched to dairying in 2011. John hopes to improve sustainability by spreading protected urea, using trailing shoe slurry application method & improving the genetic merit of his cows

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