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Shane and John P Fitzgerald - Portlaw East, Co. Waterford

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  • Shane is farming with his father John and his partner Kate near Portlaw Co. Waterford. They are farming 92 Ha of which 30 Ha is leased.
  • They are currently milking 217 cows with an EBI of €215.
  • The calving interval for the herd is 363 days with a six week calving rate of 80% for 2023.

Farm Walk October 2023

  • Overview of the Fitzgerald farm with Shane Fitzgerald and Sandra Hayes

    Shane outlines the climate actions he has taken on his farm. He gives information on multi species he has sown & explains to farmers where to learn more on climate change - AgNav, to go to Teagasc, go to discussion group meetings to learn what they are doing & can do to combat climate change

  • Water Quality with TJ Phelan

    TJ Phelan ASSAP advisor with Tirlan spoke on the importance of leaving sufficient margins when spreading slurry and chemical fertiliser. The margins that Shane has put in place are out 3m around the multi species and are in the Acres programme so he is being paid for this work.

  • Multi species with Cathal Somers

    Cathal Somers ASSAP advisor from the Mullinavat office spoke on the benefits to the soil and to the environment for mutli species. Shane has 20% of his milking platform in multi species. This receives no chemical nitrogen and still grows the same tonnage of dry matter as his grass clover swards do

  • Farm Profitability Sandra Hayes and John Maguire

    Dairy advisor John Maguire chats to Sandra Hayes, Coordinator of the Teagasc Tirlan Signpost programme on the importance of completing a profit monitor. At the farm walk on the 3rd of October it was shown that there are a number of KPI's that are important and are corner stones to this farm

  • Ag Nav Sandra Hayes Seamus Kearney

    Seamus Kearney Teagasc Dungarvan outlines to Sandra Hayes Teagasc Kilkenny what and how a farmer does to get an Ag Nav plan completed for their farm

Fodder Budget 

Video below gives an insight into Steven's grassland field margins which enhances biodiversity.

Current Farm Update

Shane Fitzgerald Farm 2024

Shane Fitzgerald Farm 2024

             Portlaw figures May 17th 24'

Fat% -3.91

Milk -28

Milk solids - 2.05

Protein -3.36

AFC- 753

Meal - 2

Addition info:   

  1. Have skipped over 6 paddocks as surplus has developed. Pre grazing yields back to 1400 from now on and meal reduced to 2kg
  2. Breeding is going well with strong heats on all cows submitted for AI
  3. Heifers were injected after a week of natural heats so just a couple left to be served now

Photos from the farm 

These are a series of photos taken on Shane Fitzgerald's farm throughout the year focusing on  the biodiversity present on their Farm but also on improvment's made in this area.

Multi species sward

Last year a multi species sward of chicory, plantain, perennial rye grass and white clover was put in A 1.5 metre margin from the old grass sward and was retained at the time of reseeding. This is a biodiversity margin which all Farmers are encouraged to keep while reseeding.

Wildflower cover

A wildflower cover was spread along the clay banks at the side of the new slatted cubicle shed which now provides a haven for bees, insects and small mammals. It is also adjacent to the two new bee hives that were installed on the Farm.

Whooper swans

Lastly we have photos of of the Whooper swans that graze some of the grass paddocks on the Farm. This occurs from mid-October when the birds migrate from Iceland to Ireland. Many swans Winter at this same site on Shanes farm each year.

Overview of the Fitzgerald farm

Shane gives an overview of the farm and the sustainability steps being taken. He also talks about the importance of social sustainability.

Farm update February 2021