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Grassland Village

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Paper - Principles of reseeding (pdf) 


View Reseeding Board as a pdf

Multispecies Swards

Paper -  Dry matter production of grazed multispecies swards over three grazing seasons (pdf)

Moorepark Multispecies 1

Moorepark Multispecies 2

View board as a pdf Moorepark Multispecies

MoSt Grass Growth Prediction Model

Paper -  Update on the MoSt Grass Growth prediction model (pdf)

MoSt grass growth

View board as a pdf MoSt grass growth

Milk Fat

Paper - Reduced milk fat synthesis on Irish dairy farms (pdf) 

Milk Fat

Producing Home Grown Feed

Paper - The cost of producing home-grown feeds on Irish farms (pdf)

Cost of home produced feeds

View board as a pdf - Cost of home produced feeds

Dry matter persistence of perennial ryegrass

Paper - Dry matter production persistence of perennial ryegrass swards on commercial grassland farms


Grass breeding  

Paper - New developments in the Teagasc-Goldcrop grass, legume and herb breeding programme 

Grass Breeding

View board as a pdf Grass Breeding


Paper - MultiMilk - an investigation of the impacts of sward and animal characteristics on grazing dairy system performance (pdf)


Benefits of white clover

The milk production benefits of incorporating white clover in grass swards (pdf)

Benefits of white clover

View board as a pdf Benefits of white clover

Using white clover to reduce nitrogen fertilisation 

Paper - Using white clover to reduce nitrogen fertilisation (pdf)

N strategy and grazing management

View board as a pdf - N strategy and grazing management 

Red Clover

Paper - Red clover silage (pdf) 

Red clover silage agronomy

View board as a pdf -  Red clover silage

Red Clover

 View board as a pdf Red Clover

Soil Fertility and Clover Adoption

Paper - The role of soil fertility in successful clover adoption 

Clover 150 Programme

Clover150 1

 Clover150 2

View board as pdf Clover150

Clover establishment blueprint

Clover establishment blue print

 View board as a pdf  Clover establishment blue print

Updates from Teagasc research farms


Paper - Clonakilty update - the effect of sward type and varying levels of nitrogen application on a spring calving dairy grazing system

Clonakilty update

View board as a pdf - Clonakilty update


Paper - Transitioning to low N dairy systems on a wetland soil type in the border, midlands and western region (pdf)

Ballyhaise Farm Update

View board as a pdf - Ballyhaise Farm Update

Curtins Farm

Curtins fam update

View board as a pdf Curtins farm update

Johnstown Castle

Paper - Johnstown Castle winter-milk herd update - increasing the environmental sustainability of winter-milk systems (pdf)

Winter Milk

View board as a pdf Winter Milk

Solohead Farm

Paper - Lowering the carbon footprint of pasture-based milk production at Solohead Research Farm (pdf)

Solohead research farm

View board as a pdf Solohead research farm

Grassland management and the environment

Protected Urea

Paper - Protected urea - protecting the environment and delivering for farmers

Grazing Plot nitrogen Experiment Results

View board as a pdf Protected Urea - grazing experiment

Reducing nitrogen emissions

Paper - Reducing nitrogen emissions from grazing dairy cows (pdf)

Reducing N Emissions

View board as a pdf Reducing N Emissions

Soil Fertility - driving efficient nitrogen use

Paper - Nutrient management and soil fertility are critical for reducing reliance on fertiliser nitrogen and for mitigating N losses to air and water

Soil fertility

 View board as a pdf Soil fertility


PastureBase Ireland

Paper - Increasing the usage of PastureBase Ireland on dairy farms (pdf)

PBI Features

View board as pdf - PBI Features

PBI Users

View board as a pdf PastureBase Ireland - growth


Paper -  Defining grass silage quality requirements for dairy herds (pdf)

Paper - Making cost-effective grass silage for dairy systems (pdf)

Defining silage quality

View board as a pdf Defining silage quality 

Spring Grazing

Paper - Spring grazing management - the effect of silage supplementation on milk yield (pdf)

Early lactation dry matter intake

View board as a pdf Early lactation dry matter intake

Paper - Spring grass availability and silage supplementation impact on dry matter intake and enteric methane emissions in spring calving dairy cows (pdf)

Do methane emissions change based on spring grass

View board as a pdf - Do methane emissions change based on spring grass

Pasture Profit Index

Paper -  Updates to the pasture profit index for 2023 (pdf)

Irish National List Recommended List Herbage 3


Irish National List Recommended List Herbage 2


Irish National List Recommended List Herbage 1

View boards as a pdf Irish National List Recommended List Herbage