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Putting grazing management into practice

Pasture Profit Index - choosing the correct varieties for my farm (PDF)   Pasture Profit Index - Choosing The Correct Varieties For My Farm Board (PDF)
Performance of grass varieties and white clover on commercial farms (PDF)    
Reseeding grassland swards (PDF)  

Reseeding Grassland Swards Board (PDF)
Reseeding Grassland Swards Demo Board (PDF) 

Teagasc grass and clover breeding programme (PDF)   Teagasc Grass And Clover Breeding Board (PDF)
Teagasc Grass And Clover Varieties Board (PDF) 
Fertiliser planning to improve grass production (PDF)   Fertiliser Planning To Improve Grass Production (PDF) 
PastureBase Ireland - getting Ireland utilising more grass (PDF)   PastureBase Ireland - Getting Ireland Utilising More Grass (PDF) 
Grass10 campaign (PDF)   Grass10 Campaign (PDF) 
Predicting grass growth: The MoSt GG model (PDF)   Predicting Grass Growth - The MoSt GG Model (PDF) 
GrassQ - precision grass measurement for the future (PDF)    
Effects of autumn grazing management on over-winter growth, sward quality and sward structure (PDF)    
Effects of autumn grazing management on spring grass availability (PDF)   Effects Of Autumn Grazing Management On Spring Grass Availability (PDF) 
 The impact of autumn grazing management on animal and pasture productivity (PDF)   The Impact Of Autumn Grazing Management On Animal And Pasture Productivity (PDF) 
Benefits of white clover in grass-based milk production systems (PDF)   Benefits Of White Clover In Grass-Based Milk Production Systems (PDF) 
Moorepark clover study update (PDF)    
Clonakilty Update: The effect of perennial ryegrass ploidy and white clover inclusion on animal, sward and farm economic performance (PDF)   Clonakilty Update: The Effect Of Perennial Ryegrass Ploidy And White Clover Inclusion On Animal, Sward And Farm Economic Performance (PDF) 
  Sustainable Use Of Concentrates On Dairy Farms- Best Practise For Supplementation (PDF) 
Effects of concentrate type on dry matter intake and milk solids production of midlactation dairy cows grazing perennial ryegrass with elevated neutral detergent fibre, indigestible NDF and reduced crude protein (PDF)    
Effects of feeding barley grain on dry matter intake and apparent total tract digestibility of mid-lactation dairy cattle fed pasture-based diets (PDF)   Effects Of Feeding Barley Grain On Dry Matter Intake And Apparent Total Tract Digestibility Of Mid-Lactation Dairy Cattle Fed Pasture-Based Diets (PDF) 
Making enough quality grass silage for dairy systems (PDF)   Making Enough Quality Grass Silage For Dairy Systems (PDF) 
Assessing and managing fodder stocks on dairy farms (PDF)   Assessing And Managing Fodder Stocks On Dairy Farms (PDF) 
Securing a reserve of quality forage on dairy farms (PDF)   Securing A Reserve Of Quality Forage On Dairy Farms (PDF) 
The effect of supplementation type on animal performance in mid lactation during periods of reduced pasture growth (PDF)    
Grassland and carbon sequestration (PDF)   Grassland And Carbon Sequestration (PDF)